Chacma Bush Camp game drives. Mpumalanga.

Some of my favourite images from the various game drives that I was on
 during my stay at Chacma Bush Camp.
November/December is lambing season and
 there were dozens of very small Impala around.


The area is also home to large herds of elephants.
Those that we interacted with were very relaxed and did not seem mind our presence.


The iconic raptor of Africa.
The African Fish Eagle takes flight.


From a Fish Eagle high in a tree to this, flat on the ground.
A Nile crocodile basking in the fading afternoon light.


This particular elephant spend more time blowing water out of its trunk,
than actually drinking.
There was a lot of algae in this small dam that seemed not to be tasty.


Something that I have not seen before.
The transitional phase of a male Pin-tailed Wydah.


“You can’t see me”.
This little one was having a drink while mom was browsing


Up close and personal…


A Foam nest tree frog that had made a home in camp.


I could be forgiven for thinking of the Willie Nelson song
“On the road again” while watching this trio on the move.


This stunning male Kudu was causing the Oxpecker some concern
as it kept shifting position.


I did not need to leave camp to enjoy the variety of bird life that the area has to offer.
These three species were just some of those that were hanging around the water hole
A red-headed Weaver taking a moment in the heat.


A Brown hooded Kingfisher.


A fork-tailed Drongo
An adult male Broad Scarlet dragon fly sits still…momentarily.


“What are YOU”…
Giraffe have become one of the must see safari animals for International guests


“Should I climb this tree”?
“NOPE”…too much like hard work and for no reward”


My only predator sighting of the trip…
We did to spend quite some time with these boys before they wandered off.


Brotherly love…


Just “lion” around…
This pair of Spotted Eagle Owls watched us as we made our way back to camp.
An awesome way to end off the drive.
A sky alight with colour.
There is NOTHING like an African sunset.


This information from their website.
Chacma Bush Camp is located in the Maseke Balule Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger, The area is situated between Hoedpsruit and Phalaborwa in Limpopo Province. It is an 8000 hectare private game reserve, which shares open borders with the Kruger National Park. The undulating landscape is home to the Olifants River north of the of camp and old mica caves dot the landscape throughout. Prominent mountainous ridges and boulder koppies characterise the terrain, making it an interesting region to explore on drive.
To find out more about the camp
visit the website:
It turned out that on my trip to the camp drop-off point,
the driver, Brendon, and I had a LOT in common.
We chatted for most of the trip and as a result the time just flew by.
One of  comfort stops was in the bustling metropolis of Ohrigstad!
Well not actually bustling…all the stores were closed.
But I was able to get a sandwich and something to drink.
I always wonder what keeps the local population in small towns in employment.
In order to get to the camp, I used this shuttle company.
Great drivers on both of my trips made the time fly by.
More importantly, the service left on time in both directions.
I can highly recommend this service.
To find out more about the routes they offer,
visit their website:
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