A return visit to Tented Adventures, Pilanesburg.

A return visit.
This is how happy the camp staff at Tented Adventures were to see me again.
From L to R: Bax, Shaun and Thomas…getting some good air!
Not a traditional welcome, but a joyous one never the less.
A tent is a tent is a tent?
From the outside it might look green and khaki,
Inside is where the “magic” is visible.
Each tent can sleep two adults without them feeling cramped or crowded.
Comfortable beds, good linen and electricity is what makes
 this accommodation special.
Just one of the bird species that I found within the camp.
The Pilanesberg area is a birders dream destination,
and this White-Browed Sparrow Weaver was there to welcome me.
And, of course, to look for food.
Although there is electricity in all the tents as well as the lounge/dining tent,
the outdoor spaces are lit by these paraffin lamps.
Don’t feel like being indoors, but want to protect yourself from the sun?
Then grab a chair and sit under this rather interesting “tent”.
The camp is protected by a fence so that the larger game species
do not wander into camp unannounced.
That being said, it does not stop the Impala from making a home INSIDE.
In this particular case it looks like Mom is on the wrong side of the fence!
But with some perseverance, they were soon reunited.
At night, this fire pit becomes the focus of attention.
Setting up for dinner…
Soon it will be time to light the fire.
There is something very special about watching the sunset
while enjoying the warmth of a camp fire.
And a couple of hours later…
when we returned from their evening drive.
Time to share stories and experiences.
The guests enjoy their stay so much that they often leave gifts…like this teapot!
And the guest book is filled with thanks, appreciation
and line drawings of animals seen during game drives.
Depending on the weather, dinner can be enjoyed indoors or
outside under the stars.
And after dinner…
Time to roast marshmallows over the fire.
What a wonderful way to end off a day.
Good night from Tented Adventures, Pilanesberg.
You won’t need a wake up call for morning game drive.
The resident Guinea Fowl WILL take care of that!
Only 2 hours from Johannesburg or Pretoria,
Tented Adventures is ready to light your fire and passion for a real safari experience.
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