Pilanesberg game drives in Monochrome. North West Province

It seems as if the Pilanesberg Game Reserve
is almost a mini Addo Elephant Park given the number of elephants that they have


Up close and personal…
Given their size, these creatures can move almost without making a sound.


The business end of this enormous animal.
Fun Fact #63: Elephants can be either right or left tusk dominant.
The wear on the dominant tusk will make it the shorter of the two


One and a half tusks are better than no tusks at all


“Here’s looking at you kid”…
African Buffalo having an evening drink.


Homeward bound at dusk.
This giraffe is visible against the distant mountain range


Dead trees have an innate beauty for me.


Master of all he surveys?
Not really, as this young guest lives in Australia!


I was in the Park on International Rhino Day.
And I was grateful enough to get to see this White Rhino.
If poaching continues at the current rate,
sighting like this might eventually become a thing of the past.


An interesting Gecko outside my Villa window.
And it made a kill while I watched!
Does that count as a sighting?
Years ago I shot an image of a Gecko catching and eating a Cicada.
I submitted it to a travel magazine photographic competition…and won first prize.
So any kill counts.


Mankwe Dam.
Wildebeest in the foreground and the bird hide in the distance


Can you spot the predator?


Post coital crocodiles!


A face that only a Mother could love?
A Blue/Brindled Wildebeest.
A happy wildebeest? Perhaps, as it had made it through the night.
This particular animal is often referred to as a Gnu.
Incorrectly so if you look at the genus name…Connochaetes taurinus
While the scientific name of the Black/white tailed wildebeest
 does contain the “Gnu”…Connochaetes gnou
Leftovers from dinner for breakfast…
This wildebeest was not so lucky and did not make it through the night.
There were about 7 lions, including cubs, hidden in the grass.


Black and White in Black and White…
Zebra, for me, are one of the most photographic of all African game.


A contemplative moment for this Baboon.
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