Mabula Game Lodge, the lodge facilities. Limpopo

This is the view that guests see, once they have checked in.
Looking through the “tusks” towards the Fever Tree.
It has been several years since my wife and I have visited Mabula.
On our previous visit we stayed at the nearby time share.
This Fever Tree is the reason that we have one in our garden at home.
The large reception area.
Size is an issue as large tour groups check in and out almost constantly.
There was one group that checked in just before the afternoon game drive
and they checked out the following morning after breakfast!
Yet they got to spend 4 days at a local casino resort…
If I was an international visitor, I would rather spend time in a game reserve than a casino.
The former is a truly African destination,
while the latter can be found all over the world.
One of the seating areas, just off the main reception.
There are 3 areas here for guests to enjoy
and that excludes the deck outside.
Our accommodation…
It had a huge comfortable bed with crisp linen.
Unlike most hotels where towels are hung in the bathroom,
here they were on our bed in the form of 2 elephants.


This seating area in our room looked very comfortable…if we had the opportunity to utilize it.
As we usually do, we try to not spend too much time in the room.
That being said, we did come back after lunch to nap until game drive time
This is a Blue-Headed Agama Lizard that was playing “hide and seek”
with me on a tree outside our room.


I discovered this young male Nyala calf partially hidden
in the grass on the edge of the camp.
FUN FACT #254: If an antelope species is smaller than an Nyala,
they are referred to as Rams and Ewes, and have specific breeding seasons.
If larger, they are Bulls and Cows and breed throughout the year


A male Klipspringer ( with horns)
Not an animal that you normally find inside a camp.
These animals are usually very timid and
as such are not found in open spaces like gardens in a Lodge


Our final evening at the Lodge and the sky decided to put on a display,
post the thunderstorm that had moved through the area.

The rainbow was in lieu of the missed game drive due to the inclement weather.
You can see the pair of Klipspringers on the left of the picture.
I don’t mind getting caught in a rain storm while I am out on a game drive,
but I will not go out if it is raining.
Watching a wet Impala watching me while I watch it is NOT my idea of fun

There is a Spa situated next to the pool.
I have to say that the pool did look inviting, but I overheard comments
that led me to believe that the water was just too cold for swimming.
My wife was spoilt for choice when it came to treatments.
I am not surprised, as the Spa menu offers a choice of 7 massages,
aside from all the other regular treatments you would expect to find.
The Kiddies treatment menu (under 12’s)
uses oils that are especially formulated to work on young skins.
She finally settled on a 1 hour Calabash massage.
This treatment is a “balancing” one that helps restore the flow of energy to the entire body.
Her verdict? EXCELLENT.
The treatment rooms are lit in subdued lighting
that adds to the relaxing nature of the experience


There is plenty of running water that surrounds guests
 if they choose to sit on the deck outside the dining room,
The sound of the water is most relaxing and can almost lull visitors to sleep in a public space.
Just one of the decadent desserts on offer.
Meals, with the exception of the Terrace menu, are served buffet style.
All buffet meals are included in the accommodation packages,
while the Terrace menu is not.
There was a venison dish at every meal, including breakfast ( kudu sausages)
These were Warthog chops which I had not tasted before.
Also on this particular lunch menu was Crocodile and Eland
The ubiquitous cheese platter
together with crackers was my choice instead of dessert.


Salad…a must with every meal.
My breakfast of champions…
Muesli with yoghurt and dates.
Hear what Operations Manager Arno has to say about
his work at the lodge and his responsibilities
 to all the other properties within the group:

To find out more about what Mabula has to offer,
visit their website:
A word of caution…
It will try to send you along a 17km stretch of gravel road that can cause problems.
The Lodge is aware of this issue and is working to try to get the directions changed.
The Lodge is 150 km from Pretoria and 190 km from OR Tambo International Airport.
It is approximately 212 km from Johannesburg
Correct directions from any of the above…

Take N1 freeway towards Pretoria.Turn off onto Pietersburg highway. Follow the road to Bela Bela.Take the Bela Bela settlers off ramp.Turn left at yield sign and proceed for ± 5kms to t–junction turn right into town.Go over bridge and turn left at the garage. Follow Thabazimbi road.Follow road past the forever resorts Aventura down to the traffic circle.At circle turn left on the Thabazimbi Rooiberg road and proceed along for 34kms.Look out for the “Mabula trading store”. 500m past the store turn right on Rooiberg tarred road.Follow Mabula signs for 11kms to Mabula gate.

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