I must go down to the sea again…or What happens next to Las Vegas, stays next to Las Vegas. Durban, KZN

What happens next to Las Vegas,
stays next to Las Vegas
My wife and I stayed here on a recent weekend visit to Durban.
She was there for a medical conference and I used the time to catch up on some work.
This iconic hotel has just undergone a major renovation
and even though it is a 3 star hotel, it offers 5 star food and accommodation.
We were lucky enough to have booked a sea facing room WELL in advance,
and that certainly made a difference to our perspective of the hotel.
Late afternoon…


and early evening…
Both images were taken from the balcony of our room.
It has been several years since we actually stayed on the beach front.
On a visit to Durban earlier this year, we stayed in a guest house that was well away from the beach

I discovered this crustacean during an early morning walk along a pier
across the road from our hotel.


This remnant of newspaper caught my attention.
To me it looked like a map of Italy…
or perhaps not.


The area of beach in front of the hotel was utilized
for what looked like baptism ceremonies by a variety of denominations.


Meanwhile, just a few meters away,
surfers were riding the waves.
Not with much success I might add,
as the breakers were not offering many that were surf-able
If only we had driven to Durban in a HUGE bakkie.
There were stunning pieces of drift wood on the beach.
All of which were too large to fit into our small carry on luggage.
I often wonder about where such large pieces originate
and how they manage to stay afloat.


If there is a pier…then there HAVE to be fishermen.
I chatted to a couple who said that had caught some Shad.
I have tasted this species before and it was delicious.
Fresh from the sea and placed between two slices of bread,
you cannot ask for anything fresher.


On the left, an new hotel and casino rises from behind the dunes.
And on the right, the iconic Moses Mabhida stadium that was built
 for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.
Visitors who have a head for heights can do a bridge walk or a bungee jump here.

I watched this fellow for almost 30 minutes,
and in all that time, this was the closest he got to catching a wave.

I was told that it was going to be chilli in Durban.
And it was…


Cast a giant shadow…
The promenade along the beach front, much like the one in Sea Point, Cape Town,
is utilized by runners, cyclists, walkers as well as a
variety of folk out to get exercise of some description


It is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission?
Surfers find it less time consuming to jump off the pier than to paddle out through the waves.
What attracted my attention was the fact that the Ethekwini Municipality
has combined parks, Leisure and Cemeteries in one Department!


Good night as we head back to the hotel.
Although walking during the day is deemed safe,
walking after dark is not recommended.


I have to admit that I saw no Gulls during my stay,
but I did see this flock of pigeons, caught in the early morning light.


I followed this skater and his photographer as they walked along the promenade
trying out tricks along the way.


When last did you see a sign like this in a hotel?
When my parents used to bring us to Durban on holiday back in the ’60’s,
the corridors of the hotel that we stayed at was lined with shoes.
Now, times have changed and guests are asked to have the shoes collected for cleaning,
and NOT to leave them outside the rooms.

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