Faircity Roodevallei Hotel.Pretoria

After a short section of  badly maintained gravel road,
we were certainly not expecting to find THIS at the end of a long driveway.
Truth be told, if the exuberant attitude of Lucky who was on duty at the gate was anything to go by,
we should have realized that we were going to have an enjoyable stay here.


The entrance leads into this  public lounge through which guests have to walk
 to get to the reception desk.
The reception area might be utilitarian, but this area was certainly the opposite.
Warm and welcoming, it immediately makes guests feel “at home”while waiting to be checked-in


Another view of the lounge outside reception.
The use of mirrors certainly makes the room look bigger.


Our accommodation…
There is a small patio behind the wall which allowed us some privacy.
This was important as this particular chalet is close to dining room and other public spaces.
And wanted to enjoy the vista without being in full view of guests.


Part of our accommodation.
The chalet consisted of a main bedroom/seating area,
a bathroom that had both a bath as well as a shower. A passage
led to the hanging space next to the front door.
Perhaps somewhat dated in appearance, with blinds that were broken.
That was unfortunate as the room was rather dark as a result.
The large windows that looked out towards the river
 made up for inconvenience of the non-functioning slats.


Do we really need to complain about broken blinds when this was our view?
This is the Pienaar’s River that meanders past the property.


There is so much greenery that we felt as if we were in
the Natal Midlands, and not just a few km’s outside Pretoria
The variety of water birds on and around the water
 was diverse and interesting to sit and watch.
I kept expecting to hear the cry of an African Fish Eagle.


As the light started to fade, these lamps switched on.
They were dotted all over the property and
 added a warm ambience to the surroundings.

With the paths lit at night,
the venue became almost magical.

Part of the large dining room.
There are areas within the main space that can be used for private functions.
Thatched roofs have a special meaning for me and
 the intricate structure of the support beams reminds me
 that this is a very African feature
Dinner time.
The lighting was rather subdued, but while some might have found it romantic,
my wife and I found it was just too dark.
We were not the only ones who were looking for a table under a spotlight.


That being said, the food was so delicious
that it soon made us forget about the lighting (or lack thereof)
This stir-fry vanished almost before my eyes…

As did this crispy chicken…
some of which I managed to get onto my plate, before it too vanished.
The food was replenished as soon as the staff became aware that it had run out,
so no guests “went without”.
A full complement of vegetables and delicious roast potatoes was also served.
There was a selection of desserts, one of which was the iconic South African favourite,
Malva pudding and custard.
This is why I enjoy getting up early.
Our chalet in the bright morning light…
Hunkered under large trees that are already covered in their summer finery,
and a lawn that looks almost too perfect.


The soft morning sunlight on the water as the mist burns off.
The structure to the left might well be used for weddings or private functions,
but while we were there, it was the “go-to” spot for the selfie brigade.

I did think about getting in for a dip.
That thought was dashed as soon as I put my foot into the water.
Warm enough for a pool cleaner, but NOT for this human


If there is a body of water, then you ARE going to find
at least one soul hopefully casting a line.
This particular fellow had three lines in the water
and the fish were jumping everywhere EXCEPT where his hooks were.
He had been at it, without much success. for a couple of hours when I found him.
He was later joined by the rest of the family and his grand-children.
When I saw them at breakfast, he confessed that none of them had been successful.


An Egyptian Goose makes its way through the early morning mist coming off the river


And what a spread there was.
Continental or Full English, the choice is up to the individual guest.
Shortly after breakfast we headed back home to Johannesburg.
Although we only spent one night here,
the memory of the food and the friendliness of the staff
will remain with us for a long time


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