The Munro Boutique Hotel, Johannesburg.

Time to become a traveller in my own city.
It is really great when the place that my wife and I
 recently stayed at for a couple of nights,
 was only 30 minutes from our front door.
The understated entrance leads unsuspecting guests into a
plethora of opulence that is unrivalled in Johannesburg boutique hotels
Situated high on the Houghton Ridge, The Munro Boutique Hotel
offers guests a 180 degree view of the northern and western suburbs of Johannesburg.
This stunning staircase leads guests to the top floor and
two suites that offer the best views.
In fact, on a clear day, you can see all the way to the Magaliesberg Mountains.
The art work on the wall is the work of the Munro owner, Mark Kaplan
This was the bedroom in our suite…
It had more rooms than we could use
and more doors than a set for a British farce.
When last did you use one of these to hang clothes on?
This pair of beautifully designed dumb-valets,
were positioned inside the largest bathroom we have ever experienced.
And this is just part of the bathroom.
There is a separate toilet, shower and sauna…
The  huge Jacuzzi bath beckoned and I accepted the call with alacrity.
For those who are concerned about the current water situation,
the bath was more bubbles than water!
The gardens at the front (or would that be the rear) of the building
are beautifully laid out and maintained.
As a result the bird species that visit are diverse and plentiful
Beautiful hanging baskets adorn almost every pillar.
They add an explosion of colour to the public areas.
One of the walkways at night.
The main lounge can be used for a variety of functions.
When we arrived, it was set up for a conference with just a long table and chairs.
Within minutes of the delegates leaving, it had been converted back to this.
And, if the mood takes you,
there is a grand piano in the corner.
The bar that can be found to the left of the main entrance reminded
 me of  an old fashioned “gentleman’s club”.
Lots of leather and subdued lighting
The shelves around the ubiquitous flat-screen
are filled with a multitude of interesting artefacts.
The crowning glory of the hotel…literally.
The old wooden framed skylight has been replaced,
with an electronically controlled metal replacement.
Filling the centre of the hotel, this overgrown conservatory
has an abundance of plants as well as this seating area.
Great for quiet contemplation or an intimate chat.
This piece of furniture attracted my attention.
The rooms are filled with beautiful art works as well
as interesting items from all over the world
A river REALLY runs through it.
It is populated by some of the biggest Koi I have ever seen
Most guests are entranced by the image below…
I chose to turn around and face the other direction
Looking out over the pool and,
in the distance, Sandton.
There are truly not enough adjectives to describe this hotel and what it offers.
It has been used for a variety of product launches, charity dinners and birthdays.
As a wedding venue it is second to none and  photographic opportunities abound.
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