Tented Adventures. Pilanesberg Game Reserve, North West Province

Tented Adventures.
This was a first for me…
I never “glamped” before, but after my experience here,
I will certainly do it again.
This was my accommodation for the night.
And with parking right next door, what more could I want?
Tented Adventures win a Lilizela Tourism award!
Well done to all concerned.
The tend was more roomy that I had expected.
More than enough room for two people without them constantly bumping into each other.
The beds were comfortable, as I was to find out later that evening.
There is power but no Wi-Fi…which was a good thing.
It meant that I got to sit and read for a couple of hours before going out on game drive.
For the cold winter nights…and it DOES get cold here,
the beds have electric blankets to keep guests toasty warm.

The view from my “stoep”.
The tents are spread out so that visitors are not peering in at each other.
The main building, being centrally situated. is within a short walk of all the accommodation.

The camp is unfenced and that meant that the visitors were not always of the human variety.
During my stay the Impala made themselves at home,
as did a band of mongoose that ran through the site
like the advance wave of an infiltrating army.
The staff were prepared for this invasion and were able to keep them out of the tents.
Currently the site shares the ablution block with the caravan park.
It might be seen as an inconvenience by some,
but I felt that it added an element on charm to my overall experience.
(One thing I would like to see in the tents is a bar of soap…
something I had forgotten to bring)
That being said, there is a shop in the adjacent caravan park
 that I discovered at breakfast that stocks “forgotten” items.


There is plenty of bird life in the camp site.
This species was a first for me…a White-Browed Sparrow Weaver


The Yellow billed Hornbill is the bird equivalent of an Impala.
They are so plentiful that we forget to actually take notice of them.
But, like the Impala, in the correct light, they are photogenic.


This is the main dining/lounge area.
Here there is tea/coffee/water and rusks on offer 24/7.
There are also fridges available for guests to utilize.
We had the most delicious dinner here…more food than I could finish!
In fact, the main course which consisted of wors and steak with salads
was so filling that I forgot to have dessert…


Aside from sitting outside my tent and reading,
I spent time in here editing images before and after drives.
Why here and not in my tent?
Firstly there is a “WELCOME” mat and secondly…
Did I mention that coffee and rusks were close by?


The path from the main tent to the game drive vehicle.
And the vehicle in question…one of the new Hi-Lux game drive range.
It seems that the Landrover has been usurped by Toyota as the new vehicle of choice.
Look what we found…first game drive and less than 1km from camp!
3 cheetah brothers…but more about this interaction in another posting


Time for dinner and then to bed.


The tents take on a magical feeling at night.
Outside there is no ambient light to disturb the inky blackness of the African night.
While inside the tent is warmed by the glow of the eco-friendly lamps.


Paraffin lamps might not give a bright light,
but the glow that they emit is part of the inherent eco nature of this camp


My bed for the night…
I find that it is really easy to sleep in the bush.
The lack of electronic/electrical equipment is the perfect “sleeping pill”
I believe that I read the same sentence more than once before admitting
to myself that it was time to turn off the light…
Breakfast is served in the main reception building of the caravan park.
A buffet style meal that offers everything that the hungry traveller could want.
There is even a pool, should you wish for a pre breakfast swim.
A great way of  getting the dust off or working up an appetite.
Time to say goodbye.
I had a wonderful time at this recently opened venture.
I wish them and their staff much success.
To find out more about what they offer,
visit their website:
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