Ivory Tree Game Lodge. My first taste of the Pilanesberg. North West Province

For some reason I have never visited any of the Lodges in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve.
This all changed recently when I got to spent a week in the reserve.
My arrival at Ivory Tree Lodge was greeted with smiling faces and
 a table full of snacks…and sweet treats!


No sooner had I put down my bag, than this small group of elephants arrived.
There is a waterhole on the other side of the fence,
and while we were having lunch, they felt that a drink was in order.
Interesting to note that several of the people in my picture have not even noticed them!


I wonder if there is a sign that faces the elephants that substitutes
the word “humans” for “animals”…
Just one of several areas where guests can relax either before or after a game drive.
The pre-drive coffee/tea and snacks are served here morning and afternoon.
There was fresh fruit before both drives…
A change from the usual “carb heavy” snacks that are dished up.


And fresh brewed tea and coffee was on offer.
Nothing like a fresh cuppa to wake me up in the morning.


My accommodation for the night that I was going to spend in camp.
A comfy bed, but I am glad that I took my pillow with me.
I find that the majority of lodges (and hotels) have pillows that are too soft for me.


I rearranged the furniture so that I was able to work at the “desk”.
One day, laptops with have glare free screens so that I can work outdoors.


The view from the main room, through to the outdoor shower.
I have a tradition of showering outside even in winter!
There is no indoor shower, but there is a large bath tub for those who enjoy a good soak.


“My” verandah…the bush was very dry and brown,
but the bird life made up for the drab foliage colours

There is something about sleeping under a mozzie net.
The reserve is malaria-free…which makes it a great family destination.

Instead of an African drummer calling the guests to dinner,
we were entertained by a marimba band…
Dinner was served buffet style…
Seeing that the lodge has 60 rooms, it means that they have to cater for a large number of guests.
That being said, there was no shortage of food and the queues were not that long.


Great roasted vegetables…just a pity that they were prepared on the same hot plate as the meat.
It means that vegetarians cannot eat them.


There were several desserts on offer,
but marshmallows to toast in the fire was certainly first prize for me


Bed time…
In the bush tomorrow for my first game drive.
I won’t be counting sheep to get me to sleep…
I will be watching elephants.
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