Food at the Munro Boutique Hotel, Johannesburg

This was the dining area in our suite.
We had decided to eat in on our first night,
as we wanted to take it easy and relax between courses.
Not quite “eat-in-our-underwear” but we did not feel like
 dressing for dinner.
The room also doubles as a dressing room,
with enough cupboard space to satisfy Imelda Marcos!
My starter…
Game Terrine with Cranberry jelly and Melba toast.
A dish that I have not had before, but I certainly will try again.


And for my wife…
Parma Ham with melon.
It was exactly that…not much can go wrong with a dish like this.
The juxtaposition between the ham and the sweetness of the melon
is what makes this simple combination so delicious


My main…
Beef fillet medallions, served with potato bake and seasonal vegetables.
The meat was served medium rare, which allows the full flavour to be enjoyed.
Most of my life I have had my meat medium to well done,
but after watching a few seasons of Masterchef Australia,
I made the change and what a difference it makes.
The potato bake was delicious and the vegetables were done to perfection


My wife chose…
Baked salmon with a tomato and olive concasse.
Served with a potato croquette and seasonal vegetables.
I did have a mouthful of this dish…for research purposes, not out of greed.
I had to agree with my wife that it was superb.
Fish can be easily overcooked, but this was perfect.


And finally dessert…
For her,
 a different take on Baked pavlova with banana and passion fruit.


For me…
Traditional Malva pudding with crème Anglaise


There are several areas where guests can enjoy a meal.
On the patio, overlooking Johannesburg skyline is one such spot.
Although out table had been prepared out in the open,
the nasty wind saw us being moved into the Pavilion.


Inside… where it was warm,
and we still had view of Johannesburg
My breakfast…and omelette with whole wheat toast.
The omelette contained my standard filling…
cheese, tomato and onion.
By the time I had realized that photographs were needed,
this was all that was left of both of our meals.
Aside from relaxing and reading,
a walk around the grounds was required in preparation for the next meal.


Did I mention that there was more food?
Her choice.
Melanzana with a side salad.


My choice.
Pickled brisket on rye.
This was served with a salad but I would have liked a couple of pickles
to add some crunch and a hint of sour.
The beginning of our final breakfast.
We started on the balcony outside our suite,
but finished the meal inside due to the chilly weather.


I discovered this grand set of scales in the kitchen.
I am certain that ingredients are weighed on an electronic version now.
But this looks far more impressive.


The dining room was being used as an office when we visited.
Hence me only showing only the roof.
Hopefully the new office will be completed soon,
and the room will return to its actual role.

When we left the staff were preparing for a 70th birthday party.
Luckily the weather was playing along
and the festivities were going to take place outside on the patio.


The view from our suite.
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