9/11…A tribute

These might not mean a lot to people who have no connection
 to what happened on September 11,2001…
but these items are very special to me..
This is a piece of the floor from the reception area of the North Tower…
and a piece of rebar from the basement of the same tower…
Together, for me, they represent the 3000 innocent lives
 lost on that tragic day.
Not only people in the towers
but the Emergency Service personnel who also lost their lives
 in the pursuit of their vocation…
you will never be forgotten!
Shortly after the event, I was able to interview
an ex South African living and working in NYC
Unfortunately, I do not remember his name,but he sent me these images…
16 years have now passed, and the impact of these images
does not diminish with time.
The look on the faces of these to women say it all…
This image need no comments…
Somehow I do not believe that this Deli was open…
despite what the sign says…
A survivor stands shocked in against an Armageddon type backdrop
This might have been taken in the basement parking area…
Even though I have no direct connection to anyone who died on that day,
I will take a moment and remember those who lost family and friends.
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