Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Time to bid farewell to Split, Croatia
as we board our coach and head off to our next destination.
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
A very warm and sunny day awaited us
 as we got off the coach in city centre
This is where our coach stopped…
In the shadow of the Mostar Peace Bell Tower.
At 107,2m  it is the focal point of the city.
Feel like climbing to the top?
It is only 370 steps to the vantage point..
The war ended in 1995 and since then there
has been major reconstruction work undertaken throughout the city
Although the war has been over for 22 years,
the bullet holes and battle scars are still highly visible on the majority of buildings
Scattered in most of the streets are these abandoned buildings.
A sad reminder of the war that tore this city apart.
The Bosnian War took place between 1992 and 1995
The war was part of the breakup of Yugoslavia that took place in 1991
Vegetation rather then tenants now populate buildings like this
I was fascinated by the roof tiles.
I can only imagine the support structure required to keep this weigh in the air.
This is the oldest bridge in Mostar, built originally in 1558.
The bridge collapsed in 1991, partly due to weather and more specifically
as a result of damage caused during the war.
It was reconstructed to restore it to the same look that it had in 1967.
The bridge was completed in 2002
One of the major tourist attractions are the divers who jump from this bridge.
Admittedly, I had to wait for more that 20 minutes to get this series.
Why so long?
Because the divers will not jump until they have collected money
 from as many of those watching as possible.
If you have a camera or a mobile phone, you will be asked to contribute.
The arch of the bridge is 21m above the river,
which means that it is higher than divers at the Olympics.(10m)
Looking westward down the Neretva River.
It is said to be the bluest river in the world!
It waters eventually end up in the Adriatic Sea
Inhabitants trying to make a living.
There are many shops aimed at tourists in and around the area of the bridge,
but there are also informal traders that put up their wares wherever they can.
This craftsman was making copper bracelets in the “retail” section near the bridge.
For a few coins he will adapt one of his designs to include your name.
We had lunch in a restaurant overlooking this weir.
More of the devastation caused during the war.
These seem to be worn like badges of honour by the buildings.
Lavender…the smell of the country
More devastation.
Millions of Dollars have been spend on restoration.
There are areas of the city that have reconstructed roads and buildings
Even wondered if Shangri La existed?
Wonder no more…
You can find it in Mostar.
One of the beautifully restored building that I walked past.
This church, currently undergoing repair,
can be found next to the Peace Tower.
I do not think that my wife would be prepared to jump off the bridge.
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