Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Croatian coach tour

My selfie du jour.
Taken in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.
The castle on the hill features in MANY
of the images that I shot while in this city.
Thanks to Wikipedia, for the potted history on Ljubljana Castle.
 Originally a medieval fortress, it was probably constructed in the 11th century
 and rebuilt in the 12th century.
 It acquired its present outline with an almost complete overhaul in the 15th century. 
Initially built as a defence structure, it is currently used for a variety of cultural events.
The sum of the parts rather than the whole.
Or “The devil is in the detail”.
This door caught my attention on my afternoon walk through the city.
We were only here overnight and I wanted to make the most of the time available.


One of the many street musicians that I discovered
 within walking distance of our hotel.
 I found two accordion players, a guitarist, a group of wedding singers
and a country music duo.


I thought that we had left the canals behind in Venice.
As I was to discover, I was mistaken.
The difference was that here there were no Gondolas.


One of the main thoroughfares in the city.
Time constraints did not allow me to wander too far up this street
as I was actually looking for a particular landmark that was in the opposite direction.
And this was that landmark.
The Dragon Bridge…
Nothing to do with “Game of Thrones”, but everything to do
with this mythical creature that features in the Slovenian coat of arms.


Lots of bad graffiti…
This door was opposite the entrance to our hotel
and positioned between two very upmarket luggage shops.


Just one of many bridges that link one side of the city to the other.
I could not believe how green Ljubljana was,
but I suppose that as it was summer, I should have expected this foliage. 
Although it stays light until late in the evening,
many of the restaurants close up shop earlier than I expected.


One of the many art works that can be found along
what seemed to be the most popular tourist route through the city.


In Venice they have banned this practice on certain bridges
as they were not designed to carry the extra weight.
That being said, they are a common sight.


I found this outside a restaurant called  Pr’skelet,next to the main square.
I am uncertain if these are the remains of a patron or a staff member.
Or perhaps it is a warning not to eat there?


This square near our hotel was almost spotless.
This was something that I noticed everywhere that we travelled.
Papers were placed in bins and dog poo (and there were a LOT of dogs)
is cleaned up by the owners as the fines for littering a large.
There was some sort of art exhibition in part of the park.
And on stage it looked like rehearsals for a ballet were under way.
I noticed this building while standing on the balcony outside our hotel room.
It looked like it could have come out of a Gothic novel,
or been part of the set for a Batman movie.
This is what is was actually.
In the early morning light it did not look nearly as impressive.


Ljubljana Castle by day…
And by night.
I think that the latter, as seen from our hotel room is far more dramatic.


Scared of getting lost?
Top Tip #535…
Take a photograph of the nearest street signs,
that way you can always show a local if you are uncertain of where to return to.


If you look in the top part of this image,
you will notice what looks like overhead electricity cables.
They are, in fact, part of a water spraying system to cool off
 those who choose to stand under them.
It delivers a very fine mist, and luckily not a torrential downpour.


Out at dinner, at Emonska klet
I was impressed at the level of service at this restaurant.
I had a preconceived notion that we would be sitting for hours waiting for food.
I was proved wrong!
Even though there were only two wait staff on duty,
 they managed to serve drinks and a two course meal
 to all 49 of us in  a very short space of time.
Then it was back to the hotel after a short walk as we have to be
 on the coach early for the next part of our adventure.
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