KLM, their new concept in Business Class dining options.

Who says that you cannot teach an “old” airline new tricks?
Or can you?
In the case of KLM, you can.
The airline is 97 years old (98 in October 2017)
and they have come up with a wonderful new concept
in dining options for their World Business Class passengers.
Where better to launch this new service,
than at the Munro Hotel which has a view of Johannesburg
that makes you believe that you are in an aircraft.
On hand were members of the press (real, not fake media)
KLM staff and the Chef that prepared the food that is currently on offer
on outward bound flights from Johannesburg to Amsterdam
A Dutch event would NOT be complete without tulips.
Madeleine Braun, KLM Product Manager explained how this service will work.
It was implemented on July 1st and the feedback has been excellent.
So how does this concept work?
“Anytime For You” offers KLM World Business Class passengers new options
On 1 July, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines launched “Anytime For You” 
on its Amsterdam-Johannesburg flights, offering World Business Class passengers
 a wider range of meal options. 
This new service offers travellers more choice and control, 
allowing them decide what and when they want to eat on board.
At the start of the flight, World Business Class passengers will be presented with a new menu. 
In addition to the regular three-course dinner or lunch options, the menu will also include an “Anytime For You” range, consisting of eight different dishes, 
hot and cold, savoury and sweet, health foods and special treats.


A breakfast of champions…
A proper continental breakfast that includes, amongst other “treats”
 granola and fresh Dutch yoghurt.
It was all I could do to NOT steal one of these that were on display.
This would be so welcome on a breakfast menu,
in a terrestrial restaurant or hotel.
The crockery was all specially designed, with no plastic in sight.


Prepared by a Michelin chef,
this food would not be out of place in any of the top restaurants of the world
“KLM wants to offer passengers an excellent travel experience from start to finish. 
This includes the option to fulfil passengers’ personal preferences 
and to take their individual biorhythms into account. 
“Anytime For You” enables KLM to better meet the wishes of individual passengers. 
The extra care and attention given by KLM cabin crew, 
who will be specially trained to offer this service, 
ensures that this is a personal and flexible product – 
a memorable experience for our World Business Class passengers.”
Miriam Kartman, executive vice president of KLM In-flight Services.


 Passengers can opt for the regular three-course menu or skip this entirely. 
After the standard meal service, passenger can order from the “Anytime For You” menu, 
which can be prepared, served and eaten throughout the flight.


So many desserts on offer.
But that is all part of the “Anytime For You” concept,
in case you just feel like some sweet during the flight


The size of this strawberry almost defies description.
I have run out of adjectives.
Suffice it to say that it tasted delicious.


Smoked salmon with cottage cheese,
a perennial serving but one that is always welcome.


A snack when you get on board.
And a real snack,not just a packet of hot nuts
Remembering that the Johannesburg-Amsterdam flight leaves very late
and a full meal might not be what you require.


A light meal rather than the full 3 course service on offer?
Just ask and it will be served to you.
And more importantly, exactly what you have chosen from the menu


A Dutch flight without cheese…
Feeling tired and you are facing a meeting as soon as you get off the plane?
Then this energy drink will give you back the zest that you need to be on top of your game.
Made on board with fresh vegetables and fruit.
World Business Class passengers will be seeing a lot less of these.
Service will be individualized and additional, trained staff
have been employed in order to facilitate these changes.

This short video will explain how the service works:

“Anytime For You” will be offered at no extra cost to KLM’s World Business Class passengers.

Currently the only route that offers the service is the Johannesburg- Amsterdam.

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