El Jalapeño in Linden. A touch of Mexico in the heart of our suburb

This is one of two Linden restaurants owned by Denis J Cardenas.
Although I have tried the sushi in Hashi, I have never eaten here.
All that was about to change when a group of us decided to enjoy an evening there.


My wife Carolyn and well known local businessman and artist Yannis Generalis.
They were having fun even before the meal started!
The table mats are most interesting.
At first I thought they were solid, but they turned out to be rolled paper.


Let the eating commence!


Drowned in salsa and topped with lettuce, cream and feta!


Steak and chips…
I am not really certain that this is a typical Mexican dish, but does that really make a difference?


Para Compatir.
If you are uncertain about what you want,
or you have not tried any of the dishes before, this platter is the way to go.
Enough for two people.


Tacos with beans and rice.
Most delicious.
I am uncertain if this would be considered “first date” food as eating it does get messy.


I had asked Denis to surprise me…
And she did…a bit of everything(almost) filled with pulled beef and chicken.
Pork is an option for those who enjoy that meat.


As Hashi is right next door, diners can order from either menu.
We decided that noodles would be a great addition to the Mexican food we had ordered.


A happy satisfied table…with almost no food left on any plate.
We had a wonderful carefree evening and it seemed that all the other customers did as well.
The décor and the “messy” food engender a spirit of childlike enjoyment.
But wait…there was more!


You cannot leave without enjoying a plate of Churros for dessert.
They are usually served “con chocolate”…
and are meant to be eaten by hand.
As demonstrated here…


Or they can be served with ice-cream.


Side by side in 7th Street, Linden…
Hashi and El Jalapeño


The restuarant was full the night that we were there.
I would suggest that should you wish to sit inside that you book in advance.
There is seating outdoor, but in winter that is not really an option,
unless you are a smoker.
Tuesday night is “Quiz Night”…
book a table so as not to be disappointed.
011 888 0330
Support local, support Linden.
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