Hashi, fusion sushi & seafood in the heart of Linden

The simplicity of the table decorations at Hashi.
belies the complexity of the dishes that they serve.


We arrived early for dinner and the restaurant was empty.
A short while later it filled up with couples and families.


Our complimentary starter…
What I thought was caramel ice-cream turned out to be mayonnaise.
A great way to keep guests happy while they await either starters or their main course.
Sushi cannot be hurried!
Steamed or fried dumplings filled with mince and vegetables.
This was the starter that my wife chose.
We always chose different dishes in order to get the opportunity to taste more than one dish.
The dumpling that I tasted was delicious and filled to perfection.
Chicken and Corn soup…
I have to admit that I enjoy soup no matter what the season.
This dish was filled to the brim with both chicken and corn.
Almost a meal by itself…
But wait, there was more to come.


A Sushi pizza!
Crunchy rice base, topped with slices of salmon and avo,
and drizzled with Hashi sauce.
Something that neither of us has tasted before.
It was totally different to regular Italian pizza in both taste and ingredients
What an enjoyable treat, and one that we would both recommend.
This is where the magic happens.
Not quite before your very eyes, but close enough for you to watch.
For those diners that chose either the fish or meat options,
there is a full kitchen where those are prepared.


“Row, row, row your boat”…
The Hashi Delux.
Our shared main course.
25 pieces that consist of:
Hasamaki Ebi (Prawn)
Sake Sashimi (Salmon)
Special Alaska Roll
Special Dragon (If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you have to try this)
Crunch Roll.
MORE than sufficient for two people and each piece is a work of art.
Most ships have a mascot of some description on the bow.
This was ours…and it was delicious!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
In real estate it is all about “location”…
in a restaurant it is all about “presentation”
and all the dishes that we ate had this important element.


Adding just the right amount of Soy sauce…
And do it gently.


If you do too much to fast,
then THIS is what occurs…


Sushi Donut
The highlight of the evening.
These are made with individual portions that be chosen by the diners.
They do take a while to prepare, but are well worth the wait.
Currently they are not on the menu, but they can be requested.


We REALLY did not want dessert as we were full.
But, our collective arms were twisted…
and this is one of two dishes presented to us..
Creme Brulee and was it delicious?


And finally…
Deep Fried Ice-cream.
A fitting end to a wonderful meal
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