Dubrovnik,home of Game of Thrones.

Standing outside the walls of Kings Landing, 
one of the settings Game of Thrones
A view from the beach in front of our hotel before heading off to the Old City.
The cruise ships come past on their way to the harbour. 
Partly as a result of Game of Thrones,
Dubrovnik has become a destination on the cruise liners itinerary.
Artisans knew how to build back in the day.
Built this way to protect those inside and 
to keep the hordes outside at bay.
Now those outside are mainly tourists and are welcomed with open arms.
Part of my birthday present…
A trip up in the cable car.

Slowly, as the car rises the city becomes visible behind the wall…

Those of you who watch Game of Thrones will definitely recognise this vista.

Standing at the cable station looking away from Dubrovnik.

There is GOT merchandise EVERYWHERE, but it is expensive.
You can pose with “Peter Dinklage” outside this shop for free.
However, if you want to sit in the Iron Throne inside the shop,
then you have to buy something…
A T-shirt is around R550- R600.00, a mug R300.00 
and a keyring R150.00.
Needless to say, I did not get to sit on the throne.
Gradska kavana Arsenal.
This restaurant specializes in Mediterranean delicacies and great coffee.
It was where ships were built and serviced.
On this occasion, it was where my wife and I shared my birthday lunch.
And due to a currency misunderstanding, a VERY expensive glass of wine.
In Split, Carolyn rubbed the toe of the statue of Gregory of Nin,
Here she, together with many others, was rubbing Marin’s nose.

There is beauty in the starkness of the surrounding walls…

And washing!
Everywhere you look…the producers of the TV series must have had their work cut out for them.

A midday, this fellow feeds the pigeons.
And literally hundreds of the birds descend from the surrounding rooftops.
When they eventually leave, not a grain is left behind.
It was a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” movie

These two young lovers were oblivious to the mass of people flowing around them.

A jazz quartet at one of the many restaurants in the city.
We walked past them on a couple of occasions as the city is very small.
The first time I caught the last few bars of their song as they took a break.
The second time they were packing up…
most disappointing for me as what I had heard I was enjoying.

And cats…lots of cats!
Most of which looked to be healthy, and all of them were very friendly
More washing and the lights that are used as retail signs.
All these would have had to be removed, either digitally or physically, 
during the TV shoot.
Another stunning, and very ornate church.
From the outside the grey walls did not offer visitors any idea as to what lay in wait for them.

Looking for a souvenir?
What better memory than getting one from a working artist.
There were several artists plying their wares to the tourists
and as you wander around you can make your decision as who you might wish to support.

This “blacksmith” could lift that really BIG hammer
in order to produce souvenir coins and pendants.
Compared to the quiet working of the artists, this fellow was putting on a SHOW!

Finally, I find an alleyway with not a person in sight.
Not easy when the tourists are literally wall-to-wall.
Considering that this city has been around since the 7th century,
I cannot begin to imagine how many feet have trod this particular ally.
My wife and I at the upper cable station.
Thank you for a most memorable and awesome birthday.
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