I become a traveller in my own suburb. Linden rocks! (Part 1)

What today is a well-known and an established Johannesburg suburb, Linden was founded on the south-western corner of the farm Klipfontein by two Afrikaner farmers: Louw Geldenhuys and Johannes Jacobus van der Linde – both of whom shared the vision of dividing up the farm into portions with a view to selling them off as plots.
The plots did not sell as quickly as was hoped, however, with them being eight kilometers out of town, and with access limited to three dirt tracks. The reluctance of buyers was followed by the breaking out of the Anglo Boer War, and the selling and apportioning of plots was put on hold.It was only in the 1920s, and after a series of further setbacks, that the land was finally sold and consolidated into smallholdings.
Once farmhouses were built, roads to Linden were laid out, and in 1932, a substantial amount of money was put aside to tar Rustenburg Road – a thoroughfare on the border to the “fruit producing area in the vicinity of Linden”.
This was the birth of Linden; a tract of land with fertile soil and acidic clay – perfect for the growing of fruit and in particular, peaches. Before long, Linden was a proliferation of orchards, and an area associated with fruit farming. Water was not a problem – private wells or boreholes supplied good quality, plentiful water. Linden was renowned for the best yellow cling peaches in the world as recorded in the Guinness book of Records.
By 1934, Linden was home to a good 300 to 400 families, living in farmhouses and making their living from fruit farming. The farms gradually disappeared and in the 1950s saw the area becoming home to the Afrikaner elite, resulting in it being referred to as the “Boere Houghton”.By the end of the decade, Linden was a fully developed urban suburb.
Information from the Farmhouse.
We are not alone…we share our name with these
counties and towns in the USA:
Linden County, Virginia.
Linden, Texas
Linden, New Jersey
Linden, Indiana
Linden, Atlanta.
Take a walk with me through our wonderful suburb…
Brian, owner of the Cheese Gourmet having a break before the crowds arrive.
Corner of 3rd Ave and 7th Street
Do I even need to tell you where to find this trio?
The photo says it all.
Just a short way away…
This building is home to several shops, none of whom were open when I walked past.
I did not know that it was called “Tower bridge”.
It is on the corner of 6th Street and 3rd Ave.
One of the oldest bike shops in Johannesburg.
They are in 3rd Ave,just off the corner of 6th Street.
The corner of 6th Street and 3rd Ave is slowly becoming a new “hub”.
This florist does great work
On reflection…
This coffee shop in 6th Street is VERY popular with the early morning crowd
Yes, we have a library and I am a member.
It can be found on the corner of 6th Street and 4th Ave.
If you have eaten at their restaurant in Conrad Drive,
you will know how good their food is.
This “branch” can be found on the corner of 4th Ave and 5th Street.
Support our local hardware store!
On the corner of 4th Ave and 5th Street.
This brick was made in the brickworks owned by my grandfather!
What a surprise to find a whole wall made of them.
From having a new kitchen designed to getting your TV repaired.
You can get that all done on THIS corner…
5th Street and 4th Ave.
I have used this company on several occassions.
They are currently in 5th Street.
The wall at the Amuse Cafe on 5th Street, painted by a local artist.
This shopping centre at 65 4th Ave is home to a diverse group of businesses.
Support our local book seller!
He can be found outside Arthur Bales in 4th Ave.
He has a great selection of books.
A bit of bling on the corner of 7th Street and 4th Ave.
Coffee for the “hipsters”?
Also on the corner of 4th Ave and 7th Street.
This is a VERY busy corner.
Sarita Friguglietti-de Vaal was busy with her walk tour of the suburb.
Support our suburb and our Ward 99 councillor, Nicole.
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