Favourite images from my Croatian coach tour.

These images are not necessarily the definitive ones
 from my recent tour.
They are a representation of what caught my attention
 while looking at the obvious tourist attractions.
Do you HATE wearing a tie?
 Then blame the Croatians!
This piece of cloth became popular in the 17th Century when King Louis XIII,
during the 30 year war hired Croatian mercenaries.
They wore cloth tied around their necks as part of their uniform.
The King liked the decorative effect that he named the cloth “La Cravate”, 
the French name for a tie to this day
And I always blamed a woman for designing it.
We were served this on our outbound KLM flight,
and it was delicious.
Moist with an hint of almonds,
so nice that we asked for seconds.
For some reason it was not served on our return flight.


Staircases became an obsession with me
while walking around the various cities that I visited.
They came in all shapes and sizes and provided many photo opportunities.


One of my favourite images from the trip.
I found this cycle/cart in an alley just off a main street.
I watched as many tourists with cameras passed it by,
more focused on the obvious landmarks.


My wife enjoyed interacting with the locals.
This fellow was not very talkative, but he was willing to be hugged.


Brass-wear in the roads.
I wondered what they were for, but was unable to find an answer.


One of the many bridges in Budapest that span the Danube.


My wife on her favourite mission…
hunting for fridge magnets.
So many to choose from and so little time.
She returned with a bag full of trophies that now adorn the fridge in our kitchen.
A great way to remember the places that we visited.


Many of the balconies have flowers or plants.
At first I thought that they were plastic and for decoration only.
On closer inspection, I discovered that they were real.


Door hardware…


It is summer in Europe currently.
The many flowering plants that I came across merely enforced this.


From one of the highlights of our trip…
Plitvice Lakes.


Many of the walls are covered in graffiti…rather than urban art.
And bicycles are everywhere…


The best sunset of the entire trip.
Would you believe that this was at 20h45.


I was fascinated by the windows and the street lamps.


“When I grow up”…


Anarchic deck chairs.
Standing out of the crowd.


Washing, street lamps,and steep steps were everywhere!
I often wondered what families lived in the apartments
 when there was incongruity in the laundry on the line.


Many of the post war buildings can be found in this state.
Just waiting for some TLC perhaps.


You can ring my bell…
I regular sight outside many of the apartment buildings.
Mainly in brass.
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