Faces in places from my recent Croatian coach tour.

It is not always about historical buildings and cultural experiences.
Often the local populace can be the key to the heart of the city or culture.
All the cities that we visited were dog friendly.
In Budapest it seemed to be a take-your-dog-to-work day.
Despite seeing many dogs of various sizes and breeds,
there was very little evidence left in their wake.
AND the owners know to clean up!


On a corner in Budapest,a cyclist waiting to cross the road.
The European cities that we visited cater for cyclists.
There are dedicated cycle lanes and the locals
WILL shout if you walk or linger in them.


At the Dohany Street  Synagogue in Budapest.
I thought that it was Captain Jack Sparrow…
Turned out to be an Israeli tourist.


There was a strong police presence at the entrance
 to the Dohany Street Synagogue in Budapest.
My wife and one of the locals sharing taps in Budapest.
We found clean drinking water available in all the cities we visited.


What the well dressed man is wearing in Zagreb?


Some of the local youngsters enjoying themselves in Zadar.
This picture was taken after 7pm!


Street musicians start young in Kotor.
During my wanderings in several cities,
I came across children selling a variety of handmade wares.
Entrepreneurship starts at an early age and is encouraged.


A sight that you come across many times in the tourist areas.
At least you know that you are getting a handmade item done by a local,
rather than a mass produced souvenir.
This was in the old city of Dubrovnik.


I enjoyed walking the streets in the early mornings.
Often it was just me and the local cleaning staff, usually women.
This was near the market in Split, Croatia


Some of the locals in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Here the ravages of war are still clearly visible and
 many struggle to make a living.


Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
This fellow was making copper bracelets,
predominantly for the tourist trade.


I have NO idea why this street musician in Ljubljana, Slovenia
was wearing a deer mask.


This is how you should dress when you drink at a side walk cafe in Venice!


Feeding the pigeons in the park?
Not quite…I found this gent reading a map in Venice.
The gull to the right has an inquisitive look on his face.


Rialto Bridge, Venice.
This fellow was using his dog as a “prop” while asking for money.
When no-one was walking by, he passed the time chatting quite animatedly to the animal.


Spotted in San Marco square in Venice.
This tourist had just defied a nearby sign and
 had been feeding the local bird population.


“Get a room”…
This couple in Dubrovnik seems oblivious to the throng of people around them.


An early morning coffee on a balcony in Budapest?
Or just watching the passing parade?


One of the many displaced people that I noticed on the streets.
This fellow was sleeping on the island in the middle of the main street in Budapest.
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