Wild life from my archives.

Almost time to head back to the bush.
It has been a while since I have been in my “happy place”,
but that will be rectified within the next few weeks.
In the mean time,
I thought that I would share some of my favourite images…
Not always as easy as it looks as lions don’t always co-operate.
When discovered during a game drive, they are invariably sleeping.
And they tend do do that for about 18 hours a day!


This is one of “those” shots…
I was so focussed on the baboon, that I only discovered that the Lilac-breasted Roller
was in the picture when I checked the view finder.


This leopard seems to be looking at me saying:
“Really, you are actually using a Pentax”?
This young male was watching me closely.
I was lucky enough to spend more than an hour with him.
Mud-bath time for this elephant.
Watching them at a waterhole is such fun.


Breakfast is served.
This giraffe carcass served this pride well for a couple of days.
As a wildlife photographer you have to become inured to the smell of rotting flesh,
if you want to get the shot


The early morning light is the best for this type of image.
What a handsome fellow he is.


These lionesses discovered elephant dung can be played with.
I am not certain if they are actually happy with their new “toy”.


It is NOT always about the BIG critters.
Insects can make for interesting images as well.
But with this species you do need patience.
A Shiny Burrowing Scorpion.
I am told that these can dig up to 1.5m.
It did not dig when we approached it,
but it put up quite a defensive display.
They are not toxic to humans and their sting is more of an irritant
than deadly to us.


Look carefully…
Can YOU see the Orb web spider?


The end of the hunt.
A young wild dog emerges victorious with the liver of a buffalo calf.


“Are you looking at me”?


Up close and very personal.
The business end of an elephant.
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