Mziki Safari Lodge,North West Province

I usually like to get into the bush every 2-3 months,
but as a result of other travel plans ( and my day job)
this was my first bush outing for 2017!
The drive from our front door to Mziki Safari Lodge took two hours…
on a road with no tolls!
This is what arriving visitors see…
Our accommodation for the weekend.
This is one of the two Rondavels on offer.
There are also three Chalets and four rooms available in the main lodge building
Set in a garden that is filled with indigenous trees and a multitude of bird life.
Even on a chilly winter’s day, the small veranda was warmed by the sun.


Our bathroom had both a bath as well as an indoor shower
An outdoor shower, which seems to be standard at most game lodges,
was not an option here.
The bathroom was bright, large and the hot water almost instantaneous.
( The latter being a huge plus while having a pre-early morning game drive shower!)


A view of the bedroom/ living area.
Guests are able to make tea/coffee in the rooms…
but they have to go to the lounge for fresh milk and biscuits.
The bed was enormous and so comfortable that my alarm failed to go off
to wake me for the early morning game drives.
Luckily a knock on the door by a ranger made certain that I was up
 and I did not keep the other guests waiting on the vehicle.


The wall behind the bed separates the bedroom from the bathroom.
A great use of the available space.
The chair in the corner turned out to be a great spot to read in.


The main lounge.
As the Internet connectivity is strongest here,
I used this as an “office”…very comfortable.
It is also home to the only TV set on the property, which is a good thing.


There is a constant supply of tea and coffee as well as biscuits here!
The main reception desk is also here and this is where guests check in.
A toilet is on hand for the last minute visits before game drive.
For such a small Lodge, there are only 9 rooms available,
the gift shop is very well stocked with a variety of items.


The outdoor seating area.
This is where I spent a lot of my time…
reading and relaxing…a first for me!
It is next to the swimming pool and not to far from the biscuits.


I discovered an interesting fact about animal/ human behaviour around water on this trip.
Animals that have to live on or in water…like crocodile and water birds
never “test” the temperature of the water before getting in…they just get in.
Humans, especially in winter, dip a toe first, to decide whether or not to take the plunge.
Could you imagine if wild life did that?


Breakfast and lunch are served in the garden…weather dependent.
A small play area for children to the left and the wall of the outdoor Boma to the right.
Guests can enjoy the antics of the resident Red-billed Hornbills.


Archery is on offer should you wish to try.
My wife did…and she actually hit the target on her first attempt!
The archery range is situated in such a way that wayward arrows
will not pose a threat to other guests or wild life.
An African sunset…signalling that dinner will be served shortly.
In the bush the rule is “early to dinner and early to bed”…


Bush TV.
There is something hypnotic about a fire.
My wife setting a new “tradition”.
Toasted marshmallows for the adults!
The indoor Boma where we had dinner.
It also houses a well stocked “honesty” bar.
(There is an outdoor Boma, which I imagine gets more use in the warmer months)
And the food…
And WHAT food it was!
Lovingly prepared by Executive Chef Kego and her team.
Beautiful salads for lunch and three course plated meals on offer for dinner.
The current team…
L-to R:
Devon, River, Kego and head ranger Sean.
The guys are very knowledgeable about every aspect of the reserve
and I learned a lot from Devon (who was our ranger)
Well done to you all.


Time for bed…
Good night all.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and recommend it as
“quick fix” for those who have a hankering to get into the bush
but don’t have the time (or the inclination) to drive for several hours.
The Lodge offers discounts for senior citizens, a first as far as I am aware.
To find out more about Mziki Safari Lodge, visit their website:
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