Strike…and not a union in sight!

Sitting with a group of guests from Virginia,USA,
the fire was lit as the wine was passed around
to keep people warm inside and out.
And then the lightning came!
I had been waiting to get this type of image for more than 40 years!
I could not have wished for a better start to what was to be and awesome storm

I have to admit that I was not being to clever…
standing in the open on a raised embankment with my camera on a metal tripod.
The danger only became apparent after the storm had passed.
All these strikes were in the same vicinity.
Luckily , as it turned out, all the strikes were on the far bank of the lake
With the calm water of Lake Heritage in the foreground.
Streaking across the sky.
Another image that includes the lake.
The strikes came in a variety of sizes and shapes.
Probably my favourite shot.
Seems that timing is everything.
I only noticed later that the strike had included
the support pole on the right hand side.

Finally the storm abated, the clouds remained
and the moon became partially visible.
What and experience!

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