Sica’s Guest House, Durban

Who says that running a guest house is easy?
You need to be capable of carrying a bunch of keys that weigh the same as a small child!
I wonder if one can claim Vitality Points?
This used to be a dairy, then a tennis academy
and now it is home to a conference centre, wedding venue and accommodation.
This building used to be part of the stables.
Currently it is being used as some the conference facilities that the property offers
This was the original main house.
It now, with some alterations, houses accommodation, dining room, offices
bar,lounge and reception area.
The main dining area.
Here guests can enjoy breakfast and dinner…unless you feel like room service
(at a very reasonable tray charge)
This particular room reminded my wife and I of hotels we had stayed at in both Turkey and Vietnam
The lounge and bar area that can be found just off  reception.
The stained glass in the front door is over 100 years old.
I was told by the owner that this area is about to undergo a refurbishment,
so if it looks different when YOU visit you will know why.
The on-site wedding chapel, which has its own working bell.
The view from the steps is out towards Durban and the Indian Ocean.
My wife was brave enough to “take the plunge”.
A great way to relax after a hard day in a conference room.
Originally there were in excess of 30 tennis courts here,
now there is only one left…should guests wish to play a set or two.
The lounge in the main house.
Old school and full of charm.
Our accommodation…
Simple but comfortable.
Our bathroom had a shower, basin and toilet.
However, should you prefer to have a bath, there are rooms that do have.
This tree has survived here from the 1800’s.
Our suitcases…waiting to be let into the room.
The exterior of the buildings reminded me of accommodation in Mauritius and Seychells.
A welcome sight after a long day.
We had time to head off down to the beach…
The beach here seems to be a lot wider than the beaches in either Port Elizabeth.
Although it was school holidays, the area was not as crowded as I expected.
A first for my wife…a visit to Ushaka Marine World.
My wife did want to try this water slide,
but we ran out of time.

The Rickshaw drivers were not as colourful as I remember them
 when I came to Durban as a child.
I then discovered that they will put on their regalia…but for a price.
Although it was not a long weekend,
it was school holidays and this particular part of the beach was very busy.
There are lifeguards on duty to enforce the safe bathing areas.
A first for this coastal city.
Slime Fest was in town!
I cannot understand why someone would WILLINGLY stand
and have “gloop” dumped on them…
But the crowd (and this prize winner) were enjoying themselves.
I can highly recommend this property.
Friendly staff, great food and all just a few km’s from the centre of town.
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