Seychelles visit 2017. Mahe and Victoria.

More images from my recent Seychelles visit.
There is a reason that their beaches are amongst the most photographed in the world…
I believe that it is more about the rock formations than the actual beach.


The sheen on these rocks was caused by rain that had fallen earlier.
This particular stretch of Mahe coastline formed part of the Eco Friendly marathon route.


The locals handle the narrow roads with aplomb.
I am not so sure if I would want to rent a car and “self-drive”.
Tourists used to be able to rent scooters,
but due to the high accident rate, that no longer is an option!

The bird life on the island is special.
This Heron was fishing for breakfast while I was on my way to enjoy mine.


Once again the Indian Ocean attracted my lens.
Unlike other islands in this part of the world,
it seems that there are REAL waves here.


Aside from the tourists who flock here in season,
the ocean is also the main source of protein for the inhabitants


Taking a break…
These three fellows fish for octopus to sell to the local hotels and restaurants.
A man who had comedians as parents?
Why else would they name their child Selwyn,
if that word also featured in the surname…


The Universally recognised “I am waiting for my wife” man.
You can find them in every market and shopping mall.
Patiently waiting to be “collected”


The vegetables looked fresh and ready to be enjoyed.
With the exchange rate being 1:1, R25.00 is expensive for a quarter cabbage.
Back in South Africa, a whole cabbage will cost less than R20.00
This was the only source of protein on offer…
Filleted and cut up right in front of the potential customers.
The fish were on a huge L-shaped table.
Saturday is market day and it was bustling with locals stocking up for the week
In South Africa we have a town called “Three Sisters”
Here on Mahe, they have this mountain range called “Three Brothers”.


The old buildings are ornate and seem to be from a time long ago,
when elegance was part of architecture.

Inside the local Cathedral.
The light from the stained glass window
casts a puddle of colour on the floor beneath the staircase.

Close by, a Hindu Temple reaches skywards.
This place of worship is opposite the main market,
in the centre of Victoria.


My guide told me that there is gold here…LOTS of gold.
In fact, hidden pirate treasures are believed to be buried here.
Now, it is part of a National Park, and diving for treasure is prohibited.


The Flora on the island is truly beautiful.
And so it should be!
With an average humidity factor of around 85%,
the plant life must feel that it is like living in a greenhouse.


An attitude that more of us should adopt worldwide…
I saw many similar signs all over the island.


A mini “shopping mall” near the hotel that I stayed at on my arrival.
In order to get around on the main island,
I used Gilly Mein.
I can highly recommend him as both a driver and a guide.
His knowledge and passion for the Seychelles and its history
made for some interesting in-car conversations.
Find out more about what the Seychelles has to offer tourists:
This carrier will soon be flying directly from Durban to Victoria.
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