Seychelles 2017, Constance Ephelia, inspired by passion. Part 1. The Hotel


This was certainly the highlight of my island stay on many levels.
The guest relations desk where I was checked in on my arrival.
This hotel certainly has a “WOW” factor from the moment that you arrive.
The staff are courteous and welcoming and my check-in was handled with efficiency.
I had, by this stage of my stay on Mahe, learned to relax and run to island time.
Not easy to accomplish when I come from a city that runs at “warp-speed”.
But, as I discovered, it is easier to fit in than to fight against.

Part of the view from the main lounge.
Here guests can just sit and relax and listen to the ocean…
or have a drink at the bar close by.
While waiting here for my “tour guide”,
I had decided that I did not need a room as I prepared to sleep right here.
My “guide” turned out to be Samuel Pellegrini,
 the Executive Assistant Manager and he had difficulty getting me to leave this space.


These plinths fascinated me.
Their reflections in the still water were a mirror to the peace and tranquillity
that this property offers guests.

I was eventually persuaded to take a quick tour of the property,
and I am glad that I was coerced.

Just one of several restaurants where guests can eat without leaving the hotel grounds.
This particular area forms part of Corossol,
which is the main dining area for hotel visitors.


I had arrived while they were setting up for dinner service in Corossol,
but the décor caught my attention…as would the food later that evening.
All the available packages include meals at this venue.
I enjoyed a themed dinner and two breakfasts here.


I should imagine that guests who stay longer than two nights (like I did),
will be able to discover all the wonderful amenities at their leisure.
Each of the bars have their own pool, which means that you can order drinks from the comfort of your lounger…


Just one of the beautiful island plants that I found.
It had been drizzling lightly during my site inspection,
hence the droplets on the leaves.
Given the temperature and the humidity, plants thrive as if they were in a greenhouse.


There is wildlife…well in this case, birdlife.
I spotted this Heron enjoying a meal in a wetland area next to the tortoise enclosure.


And speaking of tortoises…
This is just one of the “creep”( the collective name for a group of tortoises)
that the hotel have for guests to interact with.
These  giant Aldabra tortoises can live up to 200 years old.
That fact has never been proven, as these reptiles tend to outlive their human observers.
Suffice to say that they can live to be VERY old…
and a couple of those found here are said to be in excess of 100 years old


A view from the helicopter pad out over the bay.
The hotel is out of sight on the left of the picture.
A local village can be seen in the distance.
There is a Presidential suite available to those who might need such accommodation.
It was occupied, which meant that I was unable to get to see inside.
VIP guests have the option of being flown straight from the airport,
without the hassle of braving the traffic and the mountain roads.


The Seselwa restaurant, that specializes in Creole cuisine.
I had dinner here on my final night
THIS is where I would really like to spend my days…
An outdoor lounge, beach sand and palm trees.
Who could ask for anything more.


And the Giant Fruit Bats take to the sky.
For first time visitors to Seychelles, this can be an unnerving sight.
These are huge mammals that take over the skies as the light fades.


These paths link the accommodation,
restaurant and public spaces.
Guests can either walk, hire a bicycle
or there is motorised transport available to ferry visitors
 to and fro from the various amenities within the property.
Some of the walls of the Spa are constructed out of coral.
Something I had not seen before and I was drawn to their texture.
The Spa is open from 10h00-21h00,
and is an oasis for the weary traveller looking to get rid of the stresses
that they have brought with them
Time to reflect…
One of the pools at the Spa.
The facilities here are world class.
 Due to time constraints and a busy itinerary,
there was no time for me to avail myself of a treatment.


I did have some time to dip my toes in the Indian Ocean…
This private island accommodation was not available,
as it was being used as part of a reality series for Russian TV.
I am not certain what the contestants have to do,
but it is the perfect setting for a show of this nature.
Seychelles seems to be the “destination-of-choice” when it comes to TV series.
A series that was recently filmed here,
is currently showing in South Africa.
If guests don’t use the transport,
then the pigeons use it as a perch.
Cycles are available for hire,or,depending on the package/accommodation,
they are included in the price.


The floral displays are simple yet beautiful.
This Heliconia is found all over the island.
The main building at night.
It is beautifully lit and that gives it a romantic and intimate feeling.
“A magical place to revive your senses”.
So says their advertising,
and it CERTAINLY is.
My sojourn here was the highlight of the time I spent in Seychelles.
But be ‘warned’, two nights is not nearly enough to fully appreciate
all the amenities or the food variations that they offer.
A longer stay is DEFINITELY required!
In order to get around on the main island,
I used Gilly Mein.
I can highly recommend him as both a driver and a guide.
His knowledge and passion for the Seychelles and its history
made for some interesting in-car conversations.
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