Food, glorious food. De Hoek Country Hotel,Magaliesberg

This is where Chef Robert Mackenzie and his team work there magic.
Morning, noon and especially at night!
Breakfast fit for a King…
or perhaps a Lord of the Manor (Think The Earl of Grantham from Downton Abbey)
The breakfasts are extensive and pacing is required,
 if guests with to experience all that is on offer.
And this is just the “continental breakfast”…
there is a hot option as well.
My dinner on my first night…
The plating was on point and my mains, a rack of lamb,
were done to perfection.
For most of my early years, I ate my meat well done.
Then, several years ago, I changed to medium.
Currently, thanks to watching many seasons of “MasterChef Australia”,
I now have my meat medium rare…
and WHAT a difference that makes.
Also, diners will often incur the wrath of a Chef,
should they try to order “well done”…
A great way to end off an evening.
With a snifter of brandy, or a glass of either Sherry or Port
This is the Chef’s version of a light lunch!
A wonderful salad to start,
either steak or fish as a main and a refreshing dessert.
And if lunch did not fill you…
then perhaps their High Tea will.
Tea, coffee, juice and Bubbly on offer,
together with both savoury and sweet treats.
A drink and a snack before dinner?
Pop into the Compass Bar to enjoy a taste of both.
The highlight of my second night.
Superb starters, delicious mains and mouthwatering desserts.
What more can a guest ask for?
And don’t forget about the sorbet “palate cleanser” that is served.
Many years ago, when I was first served one of these,
I returned it to the kitchen saying that I had not ordered it as a dessert.
I have not made THAT mistake again…
De Hoek has an extensive wine list on offer.
And if you are uncertain about your choice,
you can ask a member of staff or
there is a comprehensive wine book that can be consulted.
Yes, there was duck on the menu…
But not THIS one.
Take a moment to relax in a quiet corner before going through to dinner.
Dinner can be for large groups…
Or an intimate dinner for two.
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