What lessons did 2016 teach YOU?

 Back on my trusty steed again…but in a good way.
Did I learn any lessons  in 2016?
I would like to think that I did.
To go for any period of time without adding
to your personal “knowledge bank” is sacrilegious.
Some lessons were easier than others,
and were so obvious as to make them almost impossible to ignore.
Others were more subtle and were repeated in order
for me to realise that I had something to learn.
But learn I did,
and I only hope that these
“Lessons from the Universe” will stand me in good stead
for the year ahead.
We work like ants all year long.
Striving to do our best,
or perhaps just to make ends meet and pay the bills at the end of every month.
Sometimes, like ants, we should delegate tasks.
This way we can balance work, play and family.
I realized that although 12 years have passed since my Dad’s death,
the “missing” does NOT get any easier.
(His birthday was 31/12, which makes end / beginning so hard)
“Time heals all wounds”, might be true of external lacerations
but when it comes to emotional issues, it is a different matter.
I still, after all these years want to pick up a phone and call him.
I have learned to embrace those moments and to cherish the memories
that we shared…good and bad.
I so enjoy spending time with family.
Seeing that my daughter,Jayne, lives in Cape Town,
that is not always possible.
But when we DO get to spend time together we have fun.
I am often guilty of bringing baggage from one year into the next.
In 2017 I will make a conscious effort to leave the past behind.
“Life is too short to eat bad bagels”!
My best friend in the entire known Universe,
lives on the other side of the world…
We have been friends for decades and have shared secrets that
no one else knows…
I almost lost him and his wife in the Costa Concordia disaster,
and I now cherish this friendship even more.
Friendships are like a garden,
they need to be nurtured and looked after.
We will see each other at the end of 2016.
If only people who use social media would use grammar, syntax
and spelling correctly.
But, being of an older generation, I suppose that I should
give in to the fact that the modern youth speak and write
in “Twitter speak”.
I don’t have to like the fact, but I suppose that I will have to accept.
Like these trees along the Sea Point foreshore,
I will need to bend and be pliable when it comes to
trials and tribulations that 2017 might present to me.
We live in a society that thrives on instant gratification.
I hope that what I have learned from 2016 that often
“All things come to those who wait”…
Not all the time though!
I want to see as many sunrises and sunsets as I can.
I want to marvel at their beauty and splendour.
And share them with the people that I love.
I want to be more like our cats…
I want to learn to slow down and take naps if I feel like it.
After all, I am a pensioner, and as such, entitled to that behaviour.
Early in 2016 I was introduced to this group
and their philosophy.
Essentially the group is made up of people
who want to find their “inner” healthy selves.
Although it is a closed group,
there is no judgement, only support.
It is too easy to be judgemental,
and I will make a conscious effort in 2017
not to be.Photo:
As a direct result of my involvement with SleekGeek,
I have regained my appetite for exercise and road running once again.
For the first time in 22 years I have run a half marathon,
and I have already entered two in 2017.

I will make time to stop and smell the roses.
Things pass up by so quickly,
and we need to be aware and accepting.
“Johannesburg is a rat race, and the rats are winning”
does NOT have to be my 2017 Mantra.
I can step off the treadmill if I wish!
But only for a short while…
Those are some of what 2016 taught me.
What did YOUR year teach you,
and, more importantly, will you take note?
This has long been my philosophy.
We need to make the best of EACH and EVERY day that we are given.
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