Cranko’s Creek, a guest house to remember. Low’s Creek,Mpumalanga Province.

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The final leg of my recent road trip to Sabi Sand.
I stopped off in Barberton at “Die Plaaskombuis”
for one of their decadent milkshakes and a sandwich.
Also, I was going to be staying at a self-catering establishment
and I decided that a take-out was easier than buying ingredients and cooking.
30km outside of Barberton, just off the R38.
is where I was going to spend the evening.
It is on the road to Kaapmuiden,
not Kaapesehoop as I discovered once I had checked in

Situated in beautiful gardens, the property does not
currently take overnight guests but relies mainly 
on long term stays from staff at the nearby mines.
The outside accommodation does not currently have air-con,
and seeing that the temperature was in the high 30’s,
owner Heather Cranko and her husband Mark,
took “pity” on me and allowed me to stay in the main house.

The view of the garden is MUCH better
when you are not standing IN the heat!
The owner’s dog followed me around while I took pictures.
The swimming pool is for the guests to use.

Once open to the public,
probably in the first quarter of 2017,
this gym will be operational

There are several beautiful trees on the property.
And given the fact that it will be used as a wedding venue,
I see many happy couples tying the knot under these branches 

This one is closer to Low’s Creek,
a small river that runs along the lower boundary
of the property

Although it was only a trickle when I visited,
Heather did tell me that when the rains come,
it becomes a force to be reckoned with.
There are 21 fruit-bearing trees at Cranko’s Creek.
The end game for the owners is to be as self sustaining as they can.
They also have a herb garden that boasts about 12 different varieties.

This door leads to an underground wine cellar that will have windows 
into an ENORMOUS fish pond.
Both are currently under construction.
I enjoyed a very pleasant sojourn here
and I do hope to return once all the amenities are open.

Time to head back home…
But first I had to collect Christmas mince pies
from Babs Crawford at the Purple Orchid
in Machadodorp.
They were delicious!

This is the Bergendal battle monument
which can be seen from the N4. 
I have driven past it many times,

but on this occasion, I decided to stop and have a closer look.
It looks more like a rocket ship than a memorial to a Boer battle.
The battle here lasted several days, and the main protagonists were,
Paul Kruger, whom the British were trying to drive out of the Transvaal
and the British troops, led by General Buller and Lord Roberts.
The encounter lasted 7 days, 21st-27th August, 1900

Back at home…
And time to edit images and write postings about
the road trip and my experiences.
This is where I stayed on my return trip:
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