Photo & Film Expo, 2016

This is where I spent most of my day on Thursday…
It is third time lucky for me, as I was out of town for the previous two.
But, I made certain that I was “in town” this year.
All things photographic are on display,
with many of the companies offering “show discounts”
It was all I could do to keep my credit card in my pocket.
The art of studio lighting was well represented by many companies,
both small and large
Camera Stuff had one of the biggest displays
(the other being Rapid Studio, who seemed to be everywhere)
Aside from lighting, they sell a variety of “must have” accessories.
THIS took me back to my start in photography,
41 years ago!
To have a PROPER darkroom again is an extravagance
that I long for.
I still have my entire B&W/ colour darkroom equipment
in a box in my storeroom.
Unfortunately the prohibitive price of paper and chemicals keeps it there.
One of the many prizes on offer is an “old school” set-up
There are a variety of models,
both male…
(This fellow looks he got lost while on a
#wallstreetmustfall protest march)…
And female that are available for “photo-shoots”
at some of the stands.
This young lady posed patiently at Pentax…
I loved this moment…
One of the most awesome new forms of photography.
Underwater with a twist by Ilse Moore.
This is a mobile studio tank that can be set up in any location.
And before people complain about the water,
It is borehole sourced and will be reused once the Expo finishes!
I have to admit that I am biased when it comes to camera brands.
This is Brett Skolmen, of New Teltron,
showing off the new Pentax K1.
Although it has been in the country for a few weeks,
this was its first “public” appearance.
It is fighting in a “weight division”
that is predominantly controlled by Canon and Nikon
(both brands are represented at the Expo)
it is proving to be a worthy contender.
From both a technical and pricing point of view.
I liked the name of these tripods…
This is a great magazine if you are going to be heading down the N3
towards the Natal Midlands or Durban at the end of the year.
Predominantly aimed as families with children,
it gives parents ideas of where they can go
and what can be done on the route.
The Instamax camera is the modern version of the Polaroid.
It comes in a range of funky colours and. I feel,
is aimed at the younger, teen market.
Gary Bowens from Rapid Studio,
one of the largest on-line photo book suppliers in South Africa.
The company has space in almost every corner of the venue.
One of several photo book suppliers at the Expo
If you go to a photo expo and you want a tattoo,
then it HAS to be of a camera.
I arrived as the tattoo artist started and it was finished in 3 hours.
If you don’t feel like a tattoo,
how about a relaxing massage?
This young lady said that it was most enjoyable
You can find the therapists in the Rapid Studio lounge.
One of my FAVOURITE pieces of kit.
This trekking harness takes the pressure off your neck
that a regular strap causes.
I have trail walked for hours carrying my 50-500mm lens
and it enables me to finish up without needing a chiropractor.
There is coffee on offer…
A little pricey at R28.00 for a cappuccino perhaps?
And plenty of “snacky food” if all the walking any talking is making you hungry.
This is not a “review” of the Expo, but only my experience.
There are many stalls that I have left out, as the items on display
were not what interested me.
There were also several talks going on
(on a variety of photographic topics)
some of which I stopped to listen to for a while.
At the end of the day, I spent almost 5 hours wandering
through the various products on offer.Photo:
The expo runs from the 27-30th October at the Ticketpro Dome.
Amateur or professional, seasoned photographer or beginner,
you will find all the answers to your photographic questions here.
You can book on line or at the venue.
Miss it and you will miss out!

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