#Movemore Challenge, I look back on week 3

It is amazing for me as to how quickly these “events” reach a conclusion.
It seems like only 21 days ago that this #Movemore Challenge started,
and we are already going into the final week.
Let me therefore look back at the week that has past…
and fill you in on who discovered the various exercises.Photo:
This was the penultimate week of the #Movemore Challenge.
I am glad that I was able to get through all of the “tasks”,
despite me being in a game reserve for the last three days.
It seems that many of us have seasonal bodies,
and we have the excuses to prove that.
But why?
We no longer really have to fatten ourselves for winter
as we did when we lived in caves.
The supermarkets continue to stock enough food
to feed those who shop there.
Our summer bodies, like our clothes for that season
are often “packed away” and only brought out as the new season starts.
Often when it is too late and then we have excuses for that as well.

On top of the push ups that I am tasked with doing for the Challenge,
I have also been doing an extra 22 as part of this:
I am not nominating anyone, but should you feel like being part of this,
then visit their website and sign up.
Jerick Revilla  came up with this technique in 1905Photo:
I figured that if I “modified” the name,
they might be easier to do…
As it turned out…
“A rose by any other name”…


6.9km translates in roughly 9,100 steps.
So I think that I can safely say…
“NAILED IT”…Photo:
Last week I did these in a dress for Women’s day.
They seem to get easier, until you try to stand up.
I like to try to complete each exercise in one go.
Does not ALWAYS work out like that, but the intention is there
It seems that a woman is to blame for these as well as lunges.
Catharine Beecher invented callisthenics back in the 1800’s!

Dancing is fun I have discovered.
HOWEVER, thanks to the strict Facebook music policy,
posting video with no audio looks ridiculous.

After watching the movie “Everest” I have NO inclination
to ACTUALLY climb that particular mountain…
But I suppose being to the top of Kilimajaro (twice) does count.
These strengthen your core muscles as well as your legs
and as a result rate very highly with Personal Trainers.
No one seems to want to actually lay claim to inventing these
and I don’t blame them…stupid looking exercise.
And, if your form is correct, it WILL hurt your arms.

This particular exercise was invented by a Russian, Dr.Yuri Verkoshansky.
He used this explosive form of jump training with Russian track and field athletes.
Plyometrics were used in the Eastern Bloc counties as far back as the 1920’s.
For more information:

Elan was recently a guest on my “Travel & Things” radio show.
Listen to the Podcast to hear what he shared with me.Photo:
For this Challenge, my team mate has been exceptionally busy
with a variety of projects, which has kept her more occupied than she expected.

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