#Movemore Challenge. I look back at week 4.

Final week done and dusted…
Only two more days and the Challenge will be over.
Even though there are 31 days in August,
a “31 Day Challenge” just does not sound right…Photo:
You need to be wise when you enter these Challenges.
What are YOU hoping to achieve,
and how do YOU set achievable goals.
Yes, the reps of each activity do increase
but that does not mean that YOU have to injure yourself trying.

It is amazing for me as to how quickly these “events” reach a conclusion.
It seems like only 21 days ago that this #Movemore Challenge started,
and we are at the end of the final week.
(with the exception of the actual final days being next week)
These are not really that difficult.
My only (unanswered) question is…
Do left and right leg movement equal “climber”,
or alternate legs counted as “climber” each…
Answers on a post card please
I do like squats…the more the merrier.
But doing 60 in a row and then trying to walk can be somewhat challenging.
To think that I was unable to complete 20,
and now I do 22 as a warm up to each exercise.
(The daily push-ups are part of a 22 push-ups for 22 day Challenge)
EVERYONE hates these…including the guy who invented them.
I think that I will request that these be replaced
with lunges or crunches in the next challenge.
Just a thought.
My steps are all done during the course of my runs.
Back when I did my first Challenge,
it had been a while since I ran, so I had to walk.
All that has now changed and I have once again competed
in a 21.1km road race and completed the course in a respectable time.
1km =1312 steps, you can do the math!Photo:
We are all STARS…so let us celebrate!
When asked to do these, we should not ask “How high”?
The question that we should be asking in “How many”?

I did not realise how exhausting dancing actually is!
I look at YouTube dance videos in a whole new light
and with a LOT of respect for those who make it look so easy

If you had said to me a couple of months ago that I would run to
a race and then still compete, I would have laughed at you.
Yet I did exactly that when I completed in the Cell C Day of Races.
10.17km to get there and, it seems that the 5km course was a little short.

I did my Star Jumps at the side of this dam at
Askari Game Lodge & Spa in the Magaliesberg.
I did 100 instead of 70 and added 50 Squats and 70 Mt. Climbers,
just because I could.

Photo: Photo:
Put THIS in you diary.
I do believe that I have some “toning” to do,
so I will probably do the final heat…
Last time I did the first and had to wait for the final outcome.
This time I will start last so that the wait for results is shorter.

Elan was a guest on my “Travel & Things” radio show.
Listen to the Podcast to hear what he shared with me.
For this Challenge, my team mate has been exceptionally busy
with a variety of projects, which has kept her more occupied than she expected.
I therefore had to do it “alone”.
But my daughter was “in the wings” to give me encouragement
and keep me focussed when I wanted to give up.
Thank you Jayne…your words mean a lot to me.
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