Askari Game Lodge and Spa. The closest Big 5 experience to Johannesburg.

It has been a while since I last visited this property.
This time round, I was here to do research
for an upcoming TV series.
I am certain that the room interiors will not be featured,
so I thought that I would show you
what you “won’t see on TV”.
Even though it is supposedly a single room,
there is more than enough space for two people.
The only piece of furniture that it was “lacking” was a desk.
That being said, it had been a long day and the bed beckoned immediately,
so no work needed to be done.Photo:
I really enjoy relaxing in one of these,
however, with the drought situation as well as water restrictions,
I felt that having a shower was the better option.

The view from my verandah.
THIS is part of why I love Africa.

Inside the Plumari Heritage Museum.
They have a selection of restored coaches second to none.
There are several in the grounds as well,
but unfortunately, those on the outside are not in great condition.

Dresses are a new addition.
I wonder if any of the mens clothing has survived?

More of the coaches that are on display.
Each has an information board that will give you facts(trivia)
about the particular vehicle.

Some of the tools used in coach building.
Considering the terrain that they traversed,
I am amazed at how they survived given the rather sparse tool kit

I discovered this “stash” of books under the staircase
in the main lodge building.

But it was time to take to the track less travelled
and see how many of the Big 5 we could find.
The reserve does not have resident leopards,
but there are individuals that traverse the property occasionally.

My colleague photographing buffalo from a safe distance
and seated inside the game drive vehicle.

You do not want to get too close to THIS while on foot.

Or for that matter a mother hippo with a calf!
Would you believe that hippo can run at a speed of more than 25kph…
Not even Usain Bolt would be able to out-sprint that.

Some of the bird life at the “Hippo Dam”
A Black Headed Heron keeps an eye on the competition.

A Giant Kingfisher keeping an eye open for a possible meal.

As the sun was setting, the birds were settling down for the night
This African Darter was basking in the last rays of the afternoon.

An animal designed by a committee.
This lone Blue Wildebeest watches as we drive past

Zebra are possibly my favourite plains game species to photograph.
Their patterns are like human fingerprints,
no two are alike.

International tourists LOVE giraffe.
I am not sure why, but they seem to want to turn the Big 5
into the Big 6 by adding these beautiful animals to their”must see” list

Meals are eaten in this building…
and what meals they are!

This was my dinner.
Beautifully prepared by Chef  Wanda,
it boasted a Champaign Sorbet as a palate cleanser.
My main course was an Ostrich fillet with sweet potato and seasonal vegetables.
Not a morsel remained on my plate.
I figured that I had to eat ALL the vegetables in order to have dessert.Photo:
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