Spionkop Lodge, KwaZulu Natal


My road trip brought me back to Spionkop Lodge,
run by Raymond and Lynette Heron.
This was where we spent 3 wonderful nights.
Old wooden floors, matching furniture and a very comfortable bed.
Can guests ask for anything more?

I suppose they can…
For me a desk is almost a necessity,
Currently the Wi-Fi connectivity does not reach the rooms,
which meant that I could actually read and take an afternoon nap.

Each of the rooms is decorated differently,
and there are also two self catering cottages on the property

If I could have fitted this into the boot of our car…

I enjoy sitting and reading in a chair.
This corner became my “happy place”.

The view from the bed.

And from the balcony, looking out towards Spionkop

The swimming pool, main lodge building
and the guest accommodation

This was the direction in which I started my morning run.

Daisy…who became ours…until the next guests arrived.

An African Hoopoe showing interest as it feeds near the dining room

One of the herd of goats that I bumped into during a morning walk


The only TV is in the main lodge building,
not that I ever stopped to watch.
I tend to forget about TV when I am on holiday.
Unless there is one in my room…and I have forgotten my book at home

The pub…
Lots of interesting items on the walls.

Raymond Heron…and Daisy.
Telling tales before dinner

Full moon…

Presentation is everything.
No “fine dining” here.
But that being said, you will be served a wonderful home cooked meal.
And, like this breakfast, beautifully plated.

Thinking about visiting the site of the Spionkop Battle,
then might I recommend that you book yourself in here for a couple of days.
Highly recommended.

I have been asked to speak at this conference in Cape Town
Very excited as it is a first for me.

All the images were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.
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