Joziburg Lane, Eloff Street, Johannesburg. Part 2


Reflections of my visit to Joziburg Lane

The “food court” area has interesting lighting.
It would have been nice if these fittings had been on sale.

I did like the signs in the food court…

As for the food…
Too much choice!

Each stall had a display of what their finished product looked like
This did look YUM.

As did these crepes.
But I did not get to try any of these…this time.

This stall was VERY well supported.

One of two stalls that I found selling biltong and dried wors.

Anyone for ice-cream?

Shadow dancer?

“What would you like for lunch”?
Or perhaps he was telling his Mom
how much he needed the toilet?

This used to be the old OK Bazaars building.
It is amazing what a bright coat of paint can do.
Now it is part of the skyline of the CBD of the city

The accommodation on offer…
The units are compact, but the interior space has been well thought out.

This furniture could be used in one of the apartments.

I did enjoy that various angles that the building offered my lens.

Cityscape 1

Cityscape 2

These stairs take visitors from one parking level to the next.
There are several staircases, and first timers here might find them confusing.

One of the pieces currently on display
and the sculpture exhibition.

A photographer photographing a photographer…
Another market for both locals and visitors to support and enjoy.
This from the organizers:
“Another part of One Eloff will open later this year
offering visitors a bargain-style shopping market.
The Joziburg Lane food-hall will open permanently in August.
It will trade Tuesday to Saturday as a lunch time foodie destination.
The next “pop-up” festivals are scheduled for the last weekends in June and July”

I have been asked to speak at this conference in Cape Town
Very excited as it is a first for me.
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a Canon SX60HS.
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