The Ultimate Challenge. Week 1


Think on this…
We always have choices in life. Sometimes we choose “correctly”, 
other times we might make an incorrect choice. 
Both options teach us lessons. What we choose to learn determines how we grow. 
I “discovered” this fork in the road while out on a run recently. 
It was a light bulb moment for me…
What has been YOUR moment? 
Well, not only on me…
as I find that training alone is not conducive to consistency.
One week in, and my current weight is 200gms heavier
than when I started this Challenge.
I considering that I was travelling for the entire week,
I am not too unhappy with that.
However, now that I am back at home,
it will be easier to control what and when I eat.
I am hoping to lose .5 kg a week over the 8 weeks.
But slow and steady wins this “race”…
In order that I do not scare the children, or small animals,
I will refrain from posting ANY of the before photographs
that I had to submit for this challenge…
This is what I want to look like in my final challenge photograph…
 BATZ BUDDIES are rising to the occasion.
And Dad (David) and Daughter(Jayne) have joined forces
to support and encourage each other
(and the other teams) to do their best.
I will be seeing my “team mate” at the beginning of June.
New images will be posted then.
I do know that Jayne is working very hard to get back on track
after 3 weeks in Europe.
Jayne is working with this team
and from what I have seen on Facebook,
they are an incredibly supportive and motivated group.
Follow me as I tackle what might well be the toughest
fitness challenge I have volunteered for.
The challenge starts on May 16 and will run for 8 weeks.
Some of the images were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.
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