Sunrise on an East London Beach. Eastern Cape


On a recent media trip to East London, I decided to get up early to capture
some of sights leading up to sunrise.

The Wild Coast must be one of the most beautiful places in
South Africa.
Combining surf and sand, and not to mention freezing cold early mornings.
What I had not factored in was just how cold it was…
and how late the sun was ACTUALLY going to rise!

Looking almost like liquid mercury,
the wet sand after the receding tide left these stones exposed

The wind whipping the spay off the wave tops.

Slowly the sky starts to lighten…
Will my time on the beach be worth the effort?

I wait in eager anticipation.
Aside from a few Gulls and Terns,
I am the only human on the beach

I am truly blessed that I get to witness the birth of a new day

The sun starts to break through the clouds.

Sun, sea and spray…

And FINALLY, at 07h30,
(after I had spent 45 minutes waiting)
the sun rises majestically into the African sky.
Was it worth braving the weather for?
While others slept, warm in their beds,
they missed the opportunity to witness this marvel of nature.

I have been asked to speak at this conference in Cape Town
Very excited as it is a first for me.

All the images were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.
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