Rhino poaching, will the slaughter never end?

The slaughter continues!
I first published this in 2011.
Now in 2016, nothing seems to have changed.
Soon, there will only be rhino behind bars,
or living in reserves surrounded by guards.

 I want this posting to be shared by as many people as possible…
Because I want people to feel as I did
when I experienced the ugly side of rhino poaching…
Is it really hunger that drives humans to do the following to a creature
as magnificent as the one in the images above?
Or is it pure and simple greed…
Where  I was allowed to take these pictures is not really relevant
 as it could have been anywhere in Southern Africa…the outcome is the same…
The carcass had been opened by the authorities so that it did not explode
 as the gases built up inside the body…
An ignominious death and for what?
Where the horn used to be…
A sightless eye…
The carcass was so fresh that maggots had not even started to appear…
This male will sire no more progeny…
Surrounded by stomach and intestines,
the carcass will eventually become part of the soil again…
gone but not forgotten…certainly not by this writer…
Feet that will never again walk the African plains…
Am I being to naive to ask that our Parks department and Government ministries
look at ways to make the penalties for poaching stiffer?
Too late for this animal but it could save the lives of other Rhino in the future…
do you believe that too little is being done too late?
We have lost 400 Rhino in 2011…and the numbers have escalated in the past five years.
Nothing has changed and the poaching wars continue,
Carcasses litter our reserves, both private and public.
Who is REALLY benefiting?
That is the question that we need to focus on.
Will we ever be able to stop the poaching?
As long as there is demand, there will have to be supply.
And as long as there is supply,
sights like these will hopefully continue to shock and distress us.
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