Rare Earth Lodges in Welgevonden Game Reserve. Waterberg


Rare Earth have two properties in the Welgevonden Game Reserve.
Although they are only a short distance apart,
they are both totally different.
To find out more aboiut Ekuthuleni,
have a look at this posting:


This is Solomon who was my guide during my stay at Ekuthukleni.
Not only is he currently a game ranger,
but he is a novice photographer and provincial runner.

Unlike its sister lodge that faces an open plain,
Tshwene is hidden within the surrounding bush that makes it almost invisible.
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 April was my ranger at Tshwene.
He had a great sense of humour and told me that he was one of 12 children.
But he was especially close to May and June

All the following images were taken during game drives from these properties.
It is not only about the game in Welgevonden,
the landscape plays a part as well.

You cannot be in in the African bush
and not be awed by the beauty of a sunset.

Despite the drought that has ravished South Africa,
the rivers and streams in the reserve seem to be flowing well

The wildlife has right of way!
We had to follow this Wildebeest for many meters
before it decided to turn off the road.

Snacks in the bush.
A welcome stop on any game drive.
But especially delicious at both Lodges

For some reason, International visitors get excited
when they see Giraffe.
And why not…the tallest mammal on earth,
and one of the most photogenic

A crocodile in motion.
An unusual sighting as they are usually lying on sandbank.

This young Waterbuck paid the price for venturing to close to
the water.
There were two crocs in this dam.
The larger one had made the kill,
and the smaller one was scavenging.

The dam proved to be shallower than expected
when this Hippo stood up and walked towards us

Zebra are not as docile as they look.
This “damage” was probably caused by another stallion.

Although this bee had “crash landed” in the swimming pool
the outcome was a good one as I was able to rescue it.

Even Elephants like “jewellery”
An sex is not an issue as this is a Bull in musth.

The only predator that I saw…
and what a sighting it was.
Very close to the road and it was feeding on what could have been
a small Impala.

I have to comment on the game drive vehicles at both Lodges.
It has been a while since I have been in such a clean vehicle.

The starkness of the African veld.
The moon can just be seen in the sky

My visit to Tswene Lodge was shared with this British couple,
Alec and Helen Mason.
I have to say that I certainly had the best time in their company.
They were a lot of fun, and I do enjoy the British sense of humour.
Thanks to both of you for sharing “your” lodge with me.
This is what they had to say about their visit:
This is Pelma,who I dealt with at The Sandton Eye branch.
Despite having had a tough evening the night before,
she was friendly and attentive.
In my dealings with this company to date
 I have only met with friendly and efficient staff
who have a passion for their customers.
Based on my experiences over the past few months
and in three different cities, I highly recommend them
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