Lemonwood Cottages, KwaZulu Natal.


My wife and I recently embarked on a week long KZN road trip.
We started off our “adventure” at this eatery in Howick.
Called the Fainting Goat…just for fun…
as goat is NOT offered on their menu.
However, this cake to “faint for” is…
Give them a try next time you are in the town.
Our accommodation was self catering and out of town.
So we stopped to pick up a pizza here…

While we waited for our order,
the sunlight on the foliage caught my attention.

As did this tree on a far away hill.

This was our accommodation for the night.
About 10km on the Dargle Road, welcome to Lemonwood Cottages

Ours was called “Serval” and it had everything that the self-catering
traveller needs to be warm and comfortable.

Although it did have a TV set, we did not bother with even turning it on.
We ate our supper at the table in the kitchen…

And then went to bed as it had been a long day of driving.
The bed was very comfortable and it had a heating blanket…
a great addition for the cold Midlands autumn nights.

There is a second bedroom in the cottage.
And the bathroom can be accessed via a door on the left of this image

The view across the valley was well worth braving the cold for…

Not yet full moon…that was to happen at our final destination.

This was the view that greeted us in the morning!

Serval cottage

There is a pool at the main house that guests are welcome to use.

Early morning dew on a spider’s web

A different view of the valley…

The road from the property to the main road.
A distance of exactly 1km…
how do I know? Because it formed part of an early morning training run

Autumn is definitely here.

We made tracks for Piggly-Wiggly,
where we discovered all sorts of wonderful stores

This bespoke furniture shop caught our attention.
Time to hit the road and head off to Ladysmith,
to pay a return visit to our friends Nicky and Christo Krugel.

All the images were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.
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