Joziburg Lane, Eloff Street, Johannesburg.


A new market has opened in down-town Johannesburg.
Welcome to Joziburg Lane…
This update from the organizers:
“Another part of One Eloff will open later this year
offering visitors a bargain-style shopping market.
The Joziburg Lane food-hall will open permanently in August.
It will trade Tuesday to Saturday as a lunch time foodie destination.
The next “pop-up” festivals are scheduled for the last weekends in June and July”
This colourful building used to be the old OK Bazaars,
but has been brought back to life after standing “idle” for many years.

Not only was the building colourful,
but some of the goods on offer were as well.

The “lane” that runs around the back of the building
will, I am sure, become to many more vendors.
Currently there are only a few that offer a limited variety.

Rainbow cake for a rainbow nation?
This was available from Crumb & crust, the dessert specialists.

Some of the old meters that are still visible,
albeit behind bars.

The coffee from this stall was excellent…
and the “dude” in the hat ended up taking MY picture.

I am usually cynical about “African dance troupes”.
But these drummers kept the crowd entertained for most of our visit.

Is it because they are an adult group of performers?
Or perhaps it was they were professional that made a difference.
Whatever the reason, I was able to put my cynicism aside
and thoroughly enjoyed their various performances

Having recently returned from the battlefields of KZN,
I kept a lookout for the other 9999 warriors.

Both my wife and I like re-purposed goods,
and hence this footstool coming home with us.
Interestingly enough, it has a battery operated light inside.
What purpose that serves, only time will tell…
I suppose it could be used to locate this
during a power outage.

These frames are also available from a store
that the owner has in Victory Park.

I did find this plumbing “eye-catching”…

There was more than one craft beer on sale.
My problem with these “markets” is that they tend to be
food and drink driven.
Too much choice in that department
and not enough craft on sale.

Looking like he just came form Northern Europe…
but is was not THAT cold when we visited.

Like ripples in a sand dune…
One of the ramps to the various parking levels.

Looking down into one of the courtyards.
There are apartments to be rented within the building.
Not huge, but adequate for the youth market
that they are aimed at.

Presently there is a sculpture exhibition on.

The shadow does not form part of this sculpture,
but I liked the juxtaposition.

I am not certain how long the exhibition will last,
but visit Joziburg Lane sooner than later to see.
On a personal note:
What I would like to see is a “real” market…
where buyers and sellers get to barter and negotiate prices.
It makes interactions so much more fun,
and it will make this market offering different
from all the others currently available to potential buyers.

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a Canon SX60HS.
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