Electric Bike Stealth. The new way to commute

Petrol has increased by 52c per litre.
Now it the time to consider this transport option!
I know that this looks likes it belongs to some “fancy” German vehicle.
But is actual fact it does not…
It belongs to this…

My newest form of transport.
The one on the left!
An electric bicycle, something that every family should own.

I have used it to get me to gym.
And then, going home, I have used the pedal option
to get some extra”cardio” in.

It can, more often than not, be found at my favourite coffee shop.
It has a remote alarm and my favourite trick is to trigger it
when people step up to take a look.

I have also used it to get to and from the radio station that I work at.
My show is on a Saturday morning,
and I do like the way that I can “scooter” through the back roads
in less time than using my car(traffic dependant, of course)

Traffic can see me clearly from behind…
Not only does it have PROPER brake lights,
it has indicators as well.

And dual headlights in the front,
and they have bright and dim settings.
I have tried one night ride so far,
and I found the lights more that sufficient.

Indicators…of course.
If I have any complaints about the bike,
it is the fact that is does not have “self cancelling” indication.
But riding regularly, you get used to remembering to hit the “cancel”
You want to make certain that the bike is fully charged when you set off.
Although the dial reads “40 km” it is not speed,
the top speed is only 25kph.
Rather use the green, yellow and red as an indication
of how economically you are riding.
With the lights on, the entire dial is well lit.
The turn signal lights can be difficult to read in bright sunlight,
so perhaps a “beep” would be an idea?
Also, I am wondering if the manufacturers can build
in a trip meter?

Oh, did I mention I like to ride looking good?
Other customers did stop to comment…
on my haircut and shave…
as well as the bike.

Pedal powered precision: Yep, it's got pedals!
It can be fully charged in 3-4 hours.
It weighs in at 63kgs, and can carry 150kgs.
Although I cannot attest to the top speed,
I am reliably informed that it can do 25kph.
It will not take you from Johannesburg to Durban on a single charge,
but it will give you approximately 60 kms.
And if you are keen on the technical specs,
the electric motor delivers ,25kW.
It won’t give you the fasted time in a MotoGP race,
but it will give you a lot of FUN and EXERCISE.
And surely that is more important than speed?
All the images were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.
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