A final posting from Rare Earth Lodges in the Welgevonden Game Reserve.


Even the guests get involved if it means helping the guide
in spotting something elusive.
In this instance, despite tracks on the road,
we did not find what we were hoping for.
But we did track THIS down successfully.
Coffee and biscuits during the early morning game drive.

We did find a LOT of elephants.
Most of who were very relaxed,
but there are couple of the cows that rangers give a wide berth to

It is not only about the animals.
Some of the flora is well worth an image or two

Giraffe seem to be a favourite with both local
and International visitors.
They are a most interesting mammal for a variety of reasons.
Not least of which is the fact that they have
the same number of neck vertebrae
that humans have.

We found this family of Klipspringers on almost every drive.
This is Mom.(Dad and baby were just out of this image)
The family was very relaxed and did not run away
when the vehicle stopped relatively close by.

This male Waterbuck has a rather “quizzical” look on his face.

A male Pin-tailed Whydah.
The males when they show off to females
they can hover better than a helicopter.

This is one of the LBJ’s that are hard to identify,
LBJ= Little Brown Job.
It does look like a Lark though

This Widebeeste was enjoying a dust bath in the late afternoon.

A rolling roadblock.
Welgevonden has the largest herd of  privately owned White Rhino
in Africa, and they are well protected.

This is the end that you want to be looking at…
from a distance.
There is beauty in a spider web caught in the spotlight.

A bachelor herd of Impala in the early morning light
“We made it through the night”.
Being the apex prey species, surviving the night is a major achievement.

An interesting “flower”complete with attendant beetles.

The reserve has several streams and rivers.
All them them were currently flowing well

Not a great image, as it was almost dark.
But an unusual sighting that deserved to be shared.
A male Sable antelope.
Back in the day, the herds were so large that farmers shot them
in order to feed their staff.
Not any more!

Another “rare” antelope up here on the Highveld.
A Red Hartebeest, the second fastest antelope in Africa.

Looking like a Raccoon
or a burglar…
A male Kudu watches us with interest.

One final sunset.
One final dinner…
One final sleep and then I have to head back home.
Thanks to all the staff (and guests)
who made my trip so special.
Consider visiting this reserve as your bush destination when
you plan your next getaway.
Only 3 hours from Johannesburg,
it should be on YOUR list

All the images on this posting were taken during game drives
from these two Rare Earth Lodges.
This is Pelma,who I dealt with at The Sandton Eye branch.
Despite having had a tough evening the night before,
she was friendly and attentive.
In my dealings with this company to date
 I have only met with friendly and efficient staff
who have a passion for their customers.
Based on my experiences over the past few months
and in three different cities, I highly recommend them
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