The SAB World of Beer. A beer and food pairing lunch.


Downtown Johannesburg,
as seen from the balcony  of SAB World of Beer.

The legend of Charles Glass lives…

No need for a comment.

This is the very popular public bar…

Inside The Tap Room.
They have a great pub menu that can be enjoyed here.
Either before of after a tour.
In fact, you don’t even have to do the tour,
just pop in and have a relaxing and reasonably priced meal.
And, of course, enjoy some of the SAB products…responsibly

Before lunch, I wandered though the exhibition halls.

From Ancient Egypt…

To the South African indigenous population.

This part of the exhibition shows how the making of beer evolved.

Looking from the inside out.
This large copper pot so large,
that the building seems to have been built around it.

Would you believe it?
They grow their own hops here!

One of the many beer exhibits on display

Aside from The Tap Room,
tour visitors can also partake of some SAB products here.

And it was full.

Some of the old brewing pots.

And I got to have a look inside.

These were the beers that were paired with our meal.
They were served as follows…
Castle…well, it is SAB after all.
Do YOU need an excuse for a Castle?
Starters: Peroni
Fish course: Hansa Pilsner
Granita: Brutal Fruit
Meat course: Black Label
Dessert: Castle Milk Stout.

The beer part of the lunch was presented by
Master brewer Anton Erasmus.
He is EXTREMELY passionate about his beer
and takes drinking it to a whole new level.

The menu was designed and prepared by head chef, Nastasha Meterlal.
It was her final event as she will be moving on shortly.
Thanks for a wonderful meal Chef,
your replacement will have big shoes to fill.

Our beer and food pairing…
Absolutely delicious.
The menu…
The menu varies from event to event.
Who knows what the new chef will invent
to delight the next guests.

The next lunch will take place on May 14th.
SAB is turning 21!
To celebrate, the World of Beer tour on May 15th
will cost ONLY R10.00.
You read correctly, 
only R10.00!
Book the tour and tasting
for only R105.00 per person.
Don’t delay book today.
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