Sleekgeek 30-day healthy habits challenge. Day 29 & 30.

The email said;
“What are you doing in April”?
A “challenge” calendar made by my daughter Jayne.
My daughter and me…
It was her idea for us to do the challenge as a team.
Although we live in separate cities,
the tasks are designed in such a way that they can be
 done by individuals within a team.
Well done to the organizers for that.
eat move think sleep
This task was harder than expected, especially the morning.
I realized that a bowl of cereal is not really sufficient
 to get me through to lunch.
However, I did not snack, but I did have an early lunch…at 12.30.
The afternoon was a lot easier.
It amazed me how easily we fall into the trap of smaller meals
bolstered by snacks to get us through the day.
My snacks are usually nuts or a piece of fruit
as I do not eat chocolate, the usual “go to” snack of choice.
Final day.
I love getting up in the early hours of the morning to
get as much work done as I can before the sun rises.
This morning I sat quietly and just “breathed”…
but as I did, I thought about the past 29 days and what it has meant to me.
 A big “THANK YOU” to my team mate Jayne​ for setting me on this path
and all of those in the group who were supportive
or who responded to the pictures and comments that I posted.
This is the most supportive, kind and pleasant Facebook group
I have every had the pleasure of interacting with.
My wish for all of you is that you not only reach but exceed all your goals.
May they turn to reality and become “good habits” forever.
From a dark and somewhat chilly Johannesburg, I bid you all a fond farewell.
 Cool Ideals is my service provider of choice.
They enable me to ensure that my articles
and images are sent fast and effortlessly.
Not to mention all the other benefits that FTTH offers…
Like stability and affordability!
Is this the end?
Certainly not…well not for me.
This challenge has given me insight into many areas of my life
that I previously neglected or took for granted.
It takes 21 days to set a habit, either good or bad.
So with the end of these tasks begins my 21 days of
positive reinforcement to reboot my life in a
more positive and healthy way.
My thanks go to the group
as well as to Jayne, Elan and Eric…
without whom none of this mind awakening would have taken place.
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