Sleekgeek 30 day healthy habits challenge. Day 22-28


The email said;
“What are you doing in April”?
A “challenge” calendar made by my daughter Jayne.
My daughter and me…
It was her idea for us to do the challenge as a team.
Although we live in separate cities,
the tasks are designed in such a way that they can be
done by individuals within a team.
Well done to the organizers for that.

eat move think sleep


I got a letter,
so I was excused from this exercise.

This, for me, was one of the harder tasks.
We can all find fault with ourselves,
but we struggle to find the positives.
Think hard, dig deep and be kind to yourself.

It turned out that I had misread the word…
Sugarman, by Rodriguez.
An apt “anthem” for this task.

Considering that planking is something that I thought carpenters did,
I am very chuffed with my result.
And the gnome was my timekeeper.

My three health goals are:
To return to gym on a weekly basis.
To start running again regularly
Be on my guard against the apathy that can easily
set in with goals like these.

I never use a snooze alarm,
so this task is a “no-brainer” for me.
But there are those whose mantra might well be:
“Just 5 more minutes please”…

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