My 30-Day Healthy Habits Challenge. Day 1-7


The email said;
“What are you doing in April”?
A “challenge” calendar made by my daughter Jayne.
My daughter and me…
It was her idea for us to do the challenge as a team.
Although we live in separate cities,
the tasks are designed in such a way that they can be
done by individuals within a team.
Well done to the organizers for move think sleep

This morning, I ate my breakfast in the garden.
The food seemed to taste different as I savoured every mouthful.
I mindful, as I prepared my food what goes into
supplying food to our homes.
The physical labour of all those in the supply chain.
I was grateful that I had chosen to “take a moment”
rather than just pour cereal from a packet.
Walking was hard for me…
As I runner, I want to run…
but striding through our suburb, the walk gave me the opportunity
to reflect on the natural beauty of our streets.
Flowers in full bloom and some of the trees
already beginning to don their autumn colours.
Yes it was April Fools day, and I am certain that
some of the coffee shop owners that I WALKED past
must have been surprised…as I am usually running.
This was basically running slowly and mindfully.
And I enjoyed every step.

I am grateful for my for my wife who has stood by me for the past 12 years. 
Accepting me for who I am, no matter what.
I am grateful for my very talented daughter, and my partner in this challenge. 

My “port in a storm” for many years when there were no others 

and my lighthouse when I often lost my way.

I am grateful for the sunrises and sunsets that I have been able to enjoy

 in a variety of different countries and cities all over the world.

I am grateful for my cat, who more often than not is the reason for me

NOT getting work done. But I would not have it any other way.

I am grateful for the bush time that I am able to enjoy. 


My love of nature started in 1966 and has never wavered…


My wrist tattoo, which I had had for several years


 is the word”gratitude” in Sanskrit…Because I am.


And if I am allowed one more. 


I am truly grateful for the “naysayers” in my life! Because without them,


 I would not have tried to be the man that I am today.

No caffeine after 1pm

This was not a difficult task for me as I do not drink coffee at home.
I was able to have a cup of tea with my breakfast,
and for the rest of the day I enjoyed water with fruit in it.

Eat something green for dinner

Greens and I do not have a great history.
They only became my friends a couple of years ago.
It seemed that everyone was cooking Brussel Sprouts,
including my daughter.
I decided to be a bit more adventurous…
My dinner…
Green Pepper stuffed with lean mince and  black and fresh green beans.
It was delicious and there was enough for lunch the next day.

50 Squats…

This was not as tough as I expected,
as I am gym fit.
However, that being said…
I know that my legs will be just a tad tight for a few days.
Watch me as I do the last 20 squats:

Take a photo of yourself in your underwear…

Not many of us like to be photographed with out clothes on.
I am one of those, as I have had issues with my body for years.
No matter what my weight, I am never satisfied by my “look”.
But I did not want to fail in this task,
so I resorted to my “default mode” humour.
And this picture seems to have struck a cord with many others
taking part in the challenge.
How did I benefit from these first tasks?

Firstly, I learned to appreciate my food. 

Not just to gulp it down, but to really appreciate each mouthful.

I learned that walking IS an exercise.
I have discovered just how much I have to be grateful for.
Coffee is not a magic bullet and I can do without it if necessary.
Green is good…with creativity, greens can be incorporated
into meals without stress.
Squats are possible and that pain DOES equal gain.
And finally, humour can save the day when
“scary” images are called for.
More than that, I have learned how dedicated and caring my daughter is!
Inviting me to do this challenge with her has been a blessing and a pleasure.
And for I am truly grateful for both 

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This time I am doing the Challenge on my own…

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