More from my Fordsburg Spice tour with Ishvara Dhyan


Who could have guessed that these old railway signals
would find a home in Fordsburg?
When all else fails, bring out the welder!
And, of course, there have to be bystanders looking on.
They do not have to offer assistance, they only have to be present.
It was in this market that I spotted these controls.
I was told that they were part of the tram system
that used to operate in Johannesburg.
They, together with a plaque hidden under a table,
should be protected and displayed properly.
These controls are currently being used as a rubbish bin!

Need a special perfume?
You can make your own with the fragrances on offer at this stall.
Rows of bottles containing a variety of essences,
some that were totally foreign to me

Sparkly shoes…
When I turned a shoe over I discovered that the brand name was…

Although built by the British,
this building now houses an Islamic charity.
It might be in need of some repair,
but the architectural style has been maintained.

The lower part of the building has this metal work.
It is known colloquially as “Broekie lace” and was a feature
of many Victorian buildings in and around Johannesburg

A variety of different ethnicities are represented in this suburb.
Who you might bump into is dependent on which street you are in.

The window mannequins seem to all come from the same supplier.
All the stores seem to have ones that are similar to this.

Toys, sweets and kiddies rides.
The “triple threat” for parents,
and heaven for every child.

There are those in the suburb who might be less privileged.
This particular fellow was chatting to passing motorists
at this intersection and asking money at the same time

I noticed this chap sitting on the steps of a shop,
having a quiet conversation with himself.

I never did get to see the face of the man holding this cup.
There did seem to be more men than women on the streets.

A plethora of fresh vegetables.
Some that I recognised, many that I did not.

Street food.
This was a vegetarian dish of some description on a flat bread
and it was most delicious.

Chicken Tikka done over an open flame.
Not quite the same as the big chain store brand, but extremely tasty.
The finished product had a bit of a chili “kick” to it.
It was served with chips and a flat bread.
R15.00 for a leg or R20.00 for a breast.
Good value for money!

I am NOT a fan of Nutella, but MANY are…
This was Laffa bread with Nutella for a young boy
who could not wait for it to come off the gas cooker.

Feel like being pampered?
Then THIS is the place to be…
A shave, a haircut or a variety of other grooming services are on offer.

Just to remind you that you ARE in Johannesburg…

Ganesh is widely recognized as a remover of obstacles.
He is also the patron of arts and culture and the deva of intellect and wisdom.
He is often invoked as the patron of letters and learning during writing sessions.
And that is why I have not one, but two on my desk while I work.

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