Goodbye to Telkom, Hello to Cool Ideas and FTTH!

A good start.
The Vumatel team were meant to arrive at 08h30,
and they rang our gate bell at 08h10.
The entire installation was completed by 09h55.
I had no idea what the inside of this box looked like.
Now I know and I was astounded by the diameter of the fibre.
My contribution to the installation…
I drilled the hole through the wall!
Sipho hard at work.
All the conduit was fastened to walls with saddles,
not just dropped into the foliage
At one point in the installation there were three Vumatel vehicles
in our driveway.
This was the team that did the installation.
From L to R…
Bevan Rakitla, Sipho Phakula and Thabang Rakitla.
Well done on a speedy installation.
A final test to make certain that the line is stable.

And THIS is what all the “fuss” is about…
This box on my office wall.
But without an ISP, this box is exactly that…
a box!
However, if you add a
TP-LINK from Cool Ideas,
then the magic starts to happen.
My main reason for changing from Telkom
was the lack of a proper Internet service.
I was paying for a 10 meg line,
and in the recent past, I was getting less than 1meg.
For weeks they tried to “rectify” the fault,
but with no success.
Technicians arrived without appointments
and it was becoming a comedy of errors.

So, out with the old…
and I welcome the new.
It was of interest that Telkom was unable to fix the problem
over a five week period,
but they were able to “cancel” my service immediately.
Cool Ideas was able to give me a new phone number
within 5 minutes…now THAT is service.

 Cool Ideals is my service provider of choice.
They enable me to ensure that my articles
and images are sent fast and effortlessly.
Not to mention all the other benefits that FTTH offers…
Like stability and affordability!

The installation team of Benary and Aubrey hard at work.
The entire installation was completed in less than 2 hours.
Neat and tidy and with smiles and handshakes.
Infra Base did the cable installation for
the extended Internet coverage as well as the Voip telephones.

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