A bit of this and that from my travels.


Every now and then, I go though my image archives
and find previously unpublished pictures to share.
This is one of those postings.

One of my favourite leopard images.
We were the first guests to spot this mom and her cub.
This was taken several years ago, but when last I inquired,
the cub had survived and then had a territory of her own.

An African sunset…

An elephant crossing the Chobe River.
This was the first time I had seen on of these swimming

A Pied Kingfisher looking for a meal

“You owe me money”
is what this Buffalo seems to be saying.

Driftwood on an Eastern Cape beach

Mum and cubs.
I remember spending several days trying to locate this family.
The end result was certainly worthwhile.

Early morning game drive,
my favourite time of day.

You would be forgiven for thinking that this was shot in a European forest.
However, you would be wrong.
This is the foothills of Kilimanjaro!

Walking towards base camp.
This desert was probably the toughest part of my climb.
6 mindless hours of slow walking across dead flat terrain

But the view from the summit…

There are still some glaciers at the top,
but these are slowly evaporating

Bush lunch.

African Spoonbills enjoying the fruits of their labours

A Fjord in South Island New Zealand

These teeth are the reason that more people are killed
by Hippo than by all the Big Five combined.

Rain on a polished cement floor.

A Dhow off the Zanzibar coast.
Time to return to that island…
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